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10 Phrases That Mean So Much More Than “I Love You.”

By 28 April, 2015 April 16th, 2019 No Comments

Hearing the words “I love you” from someone that you love is such a wonderful moment. If you enter into a relationship with a person that you love and that loves you as well, life will be wonderful experience. Sometimes, the words “I love you” fall short of what you really mean.

Like Michael Bolton sang in 1993,

“I said I love you but I lied. Cause this is more than love I feel inside.”

How true is that? If you have ever been deeply in love with someone and have lacked adequate words to express how much you love and appreciate that same person, then keep reading. Here are 10 phrases that will mean so much more to the person that you love.

1. You are my best friend.

What a beautiful sentiment?! Your partner that you share your life with should be your best friend first. This should be someone you trust, that you know will be there for you without judgment, as you are for them. Say this to your love and he or she will become a melted pool of emotions.

2. I appreciate you.

Saying that you appreciate the person you love is probably more important than saying I love you. This person does so much to foster a relationship with you, and that should not go unappreciated. Saying this without feeling this way will not work. Your actions will betray your words every time.

3. I adore you.

Imagine someone saying that to you. Doesn’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? That is exactly how the person you love will feel when you say that. When you love someone you adore who they are, inside and out. Why not say it!?


4. I am committed to you.

Of course you are, you are in a committed relationship with this person. Just being in a committed relationship alone doesn’t mean you are truly committed to that person. People sometimes cheat on the person that they love, forgetting that they are committed to someone else. This beautiful statement is a reminder to your love that you are always happily committed to them and want only them.

5. I am in awe of you.

This phrase shows that you admire the one you love. Once in a relationship, you should never stop being in awe of the person you love. This phrase is deeper than simple respect. It’s about being filled with a raw appreciation for the person you love and everything they do to make the relationship successful.

6. I respect you.

Respecting the person you love means that you respect the other person’s boundaries in the relationship. It also means that you are not taking that person for granted. If you say this and do not really feel respect for the other person, your actions will once again betray you. Respecting the person you love means that you do not treat them in a disrespectful way. Saying it reinforces that belief in your mind that you do respect them and your actions will show that.

7. I trust you.

Trust is everything in a relationship. With it, two people will build a beautiful life together. Without it, and goodbye relationship. Saying that you trust your partner and meaning it is a great way to reinforce the bond that secures the relationship.

8. You are my inspiration.

What person doesn’t want to hear that they are their partners muse? (Just writing that makes me swoon.) What a beautiful thing to say to someone. This phrase says that you are the inspiration behind the other person’s world. This could mean anything from feeling more inspired to be happier, or more inspired to work harder, or pursue a better life.


9. I’ve missed you.

Hearing that you have been missed means that the other person thought of you during their absence from you. How wonderful is that to know that you were thought about and missed?

10. I am so thankful we met.

This phrase means that you are adding value to the other person’s life that they were previously unable to find. This value is not based on “completing the other person” or about being “soulmates.” This value is about the other person being at peace with who they are and knowing that they finally met someone that will enhance the life they share.

A warning: If you use these phrases with a person that you do not feel an emotional connection to, you run the risk of hurting that person or leading them on. If you do, it shows that you are not in a place to respect anyone, because you do not respect yourself. Any man or woman that picks up on that will instantly know that a relationship with that person is not going to work. Kathe Kurtz