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10 Things to Lose More Weight – Step 2: I HAD TO GET HELP

By January 12, 2017 April 15th, 2019 No Comments
Photo Credit: balboa horizons

200 pounds is a lot of weight to lose.

I started out on my own, losing about 100 pounds quickly without any oversight, but it was dangerous and I ended up having emergency surgery to have my gallbladder removed after forming painful gallstones.

This is a common side effect of doing a restricted-calorie diet without medical supervision. Don’t do this!

I stayed stuck for several years after that and finally went to my doctor to see about losing the next 100 pounds. She recommended a medically monitored weight loss program.

It was the best decision I ever made, not because of the medical monitoring, but because they required me to follow their plan, and show up in class every week for 2 hours. In those classes, I learned the habits and skills I needed to keep it off once I’d gotten it off.

Learning to lose and keep off a significant amount of weight, is a mental game – it’s about learning to motivate yourself when you don’t want to, choosing something different despite lifelong inclinations and being accountable to yourself for no other reason than you’re worth it.

While you may have a team, or a counselor, partner, or friend cheering you on while you’re losing weight, after the initial excitement wears off you will have a lifetime of food choices, exercise sessions, and tempting challenges to deal with long past the point where your support team has gotten bored.

So get that help, but remember the real purpose is to train your mind and build your own internal set of tools.

Who is on your team?

And how are you making the healthy living skills into habits?