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10 Things to Lose More Weight – Step 6: Make a Daily Strategy

By January 25, 2017 April 15th, 2019 No Comments
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I don’t leave the house without at least a rough idea of how my food and exercise day is going to go.

I know, it sounds exhausting, but…

• it’s a hell of a lot less exhausting than lugging around 200 extra pounds of fat!

Back before I lost the weight, I would blithely leave the house for a day or a weekend without a thought or care for where the food I would eat would come from. Much less when, where, or how I might exercise.

I foraged for food when I got hungry, eating whatever was fast, cheap, or convenient, and exercise wasn’t even on my list of things to do.

Once I started losing, I discovered that the only way I could stay on target, was to have a strategy every day.

So every morning I run through a mental checklist:

• Where am I going to be today at mealtimes?

• Will there be something supportive and healthy available to me there?

• If not, how can I bring something with me?

• Do I need a cooler? A lunch box?

• Just a big purse with a banana or jerky?

And once that’s settled I think about:

• What am I doing for exercise today?

• Can I fit in a walk?

• Will I have time for a run?

• Do I have the luxury of enough time for a full gym workout? When will I do that?

• Do I need to bring special shoes with me today to make that happen? A gym bag?

I do this every day.

And if I have a particularly complicated day or weekend coming up, I may even do it several days in advance. It’s not as easy as just getting up and going, but the results are worth it to me every day.

So what’s your plan for today? The weekend?