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10 Things to Lose More Weight – Step 7: Try EVERY Exercise

By January 27, 2017 April 15th, 2019 No Comments
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I can’t say I had a lot of experience with athleticism as a child.

I never played on any sports teams (marching band doesn’t count), and I managed to get out of PE for all of high school (marching band apparently does count for this!) due to generally hating the fact that I wasn’t any good at athletic pursuits and being very sensitive to the mocking of my peers.

Thus, when I started losing weight through diet and exercise I had to start from scratch.

I had absolutely no base to work from.

No history of regular exercise to pull from.

The moment I realized it was all going to have to change, was, one day less than a week into the last diet I ever went on. I came home from work after a day of following the food program diligently and walked straight to the fridge.

Because I always walked straight to the fridge when I got home from work.

But that day I stopped, realized my life needed to change, turned around and headed out the front door and walked for the next 45 minutes around my neighborhood.

And every day after that when I got home from work I went for a walk.

It would be fair to say that I lost about half of those 200 pounds simply walking.

Eventually, however, I decided to get ambitious and try some new things.

And that’s when I made a resolution to Try Everything. It was the best way I knew of to find something that would stick.

I tried walking, running, kayaking, bicycling, hiking, weightlifting, swimming, water aerobics, yoga, Zumba, cross-country skiing – anything that was suggested to me I tried.

And that’s how I discovered that for my time and effort, running was my best bet.

But I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t tried everything.

I still try new things – some of them I love and some of them I just check off the list.

But who knows – maybe someday I’ll find something I like better than running. I won’t know until I try!

So, if you’re just starting out, or having been practicing a healthy lifestyle for years, what new form of exercise have you tried lately?