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10 Things to Lose More Weight – Step 8: Learn To Be Your Own Drill Sargent!

By February 5, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments
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We can’t all have personal trainers and personal chefs and personal assistants to keep us on track.

Jeez, would this thing even be difficult at all if we did?

But if you’re going to maintain a big weight loss, you have to learn to be all those things all the time.

Accountability is the name of the game, and eventually, sooner or later, you will come to the realization that:

• the only person, that can truly maintain a long-term interest in helping you succeed, is YOU!

You have to become your own Drill Sergeant.

You have to take yourself in hand and be accountable

• weigh your food and exercise decisions against your goals.

Nobody else will do it for you.

(Unless you are fabulously wealthy and can pay people for that. I can’t.)

I didn’t learn it overnight. I didn’t wake up one morning with the perfect ability to self-monitor.

I learned over time by repetition.

I started small:

• “Today I will get in a workout whether I want to or not,” says the Drill Sergeant. “Get out there, grunt!”

I may not have worked at my highest level of effort that day, but dammit, I got that workout done.

Then the next day:

• “Today I will eat a piece of fruit instead of a donut from the office break room.”

I practiced setting myself challenges, and rewarded myself every time I succeeded with a feeling of satisfaction and pride.

The only person you can reliably count on to give you a pat on the back and a “good game!” is you!

And if you don’t do the things you need to do your Drill Sergeant should berate you (mine does) or maybe make you drop and give him 20! But the real lesson is to learn to not disappoint the most important person in the world – YOU!

You’re worth taking care of!

So every day, I am accountable to me.

And that’s how I make my inner Drill Sergeant happy.

How are you creating an inner-accountability to stay on track?