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10 Things To MAINTAIN… #1: The 5 Stages Of Accepting Reality

By February 27, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments
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There are 5 phases to death…

and I think there may be 5 phases to accepting that maintaining weight loss is a life-long endeavor.

Denial. Anger. Bargaining. Depression. Acceptance.

• Denial

This is an easy one. We’ve all done it, it usually leads to gaining back the weight you’ve lost. You were probably in denial the first 12 times you tried to lose weight (but couldn’t keep it off). I know I was.

• Anger

I’ll admit right here and now that I have the occasional relapse.

It’s just not fair that I have to do this forever when other people with better genetic luck don’t even have to think about it!

Go ahead and get a little angry… it’s ok!

• Bargaining

This was where I was when I asked my doctor if it was ever going to just be naturally thin without thinking about it all the time.

What could I do to make that happen?

Answer: Sorry. You’re always going to have to work at this, that’s all you can do to make it happen – work at it.

• Depression

Yeah. You just realized that you are always going to have to work at this.

That may make you sad for a while.

You may be depressed about just how unlucky you got in the genetic lottery.

You ruminate on how much work your life is going to be now that you know the choices – work on maintaining your weight every day or get fat again.

Pity party central, right here!

• Acceptance

And finally…the reality of your new post-weight-loss situation.

Get busy doing it, every day, find a way to grit your teeth and get the workout done, and make the right food choices, day in and day out.

And after a while it’s not so hard, it’s just what you do!

Now it’s just how you live.

Where are you now?

Are you ready to accept the challenges, but also the rewards, of the life-long challenge of weight management?