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10 Things to Maintain: #5: Getting Exercise DONE!

By March 4, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments
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I would bet that most of us do something we don’t particularly love every single day because we like the payoff, for instance, we get up and go to work.

I use exactly the same mindset for maintaining my weight.

I need the payoff, so, I get up and go to work.

When I’m working at my day job I don’t wake up and think, “How do I fit my job into my day?” I think, “How do I fit the rest of my life around my job?”

I need to exercise and everything else needs to fit around it.

In fact, I am not free to relax at the end of the day until I have done the exercise I need to do.

Just like working.

But most of the time I would rather just skip it.

So, how do you get out there and run or walk or ride that bike or lift weights when your mind has a hundred excuses not to do it?

Trick yourself gently into it.

Every little step gets broken down into a simple task, so you can only focus on that task instead of contemplating the larger workout.

The trick is to tell yourself that you can stop any time and go do something else if you really, really want to.

(But since you’ve gotten this far you might as well carry on.)

The first step may be the hardest, but it really is a tiny step!

1. Grab gym bag, walk over to the gym.

Hey, just walking to a building. No big deal. It’s not even very far.

2. Change into workout clothes.

I’m just getting dressed, I do this every day.

3. Tie hair back, put in contacts.

La la la, that’s easy.

4. Grab iPod and headphones.

Ok, yay, putting on some tunes.

5. Head into the gym.

I’m just here to look, really. I can leave whenever I want.

6. Get on the bike.

Just going to do this for a few minutes. Just a gentle motion, no resistance or anything, I can stop anytime I want.

7. Hey, this isn’t so bad.

I could probably keep doing this for a while…maybe just up the resistance a little because this is so easy…

8. Well heck, now that I’m here and sweating, might as well make it a good one!

And suddenly – 40 minutes later you’re done and good to go!

Do you have any tricks to make sure you get your workouts done?