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10 Things to Maintain: #6 It’s Not a Straight Line!

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You’ve reached your goal weight! Congratulations!

Now to maintain it!

Guess what? It’s not a straight line. That’s the bad news.

But also.. Averages matter! That’s the good news.

Maintaining a weight loss doesn’t mean that a graph of your weight would result in a single straight line for eternity, where you weigh exactly the same number every time you step on a scale.

Fluctuation happens! It’s inevitable– so don’t beat yourself up too much!

Some days a few pounds higher, some days a few pounds lower.

When you settle into regular maintenance of a weight loss, you’ll find that the ups and downs can be infuriating. “I was perfect yesterday, why is my weight up 3 pounds??”

Who knows.

Bodies are strange – maybe you had some soy sauce on your sushi yesterday and the high salt content is causing you to retain water.

It happens.

Also, the opposite – “I binged last night – why did I lose 2 pounds?”

Nobody knows!

Neither one is the end of the world – in long-term weight management it’s all about trends!

What you will find over time is that

• the average of your weight management efforts will determine how you are maintaining.

• If you follow your plan, eat right and exercise, MOST of the time, you will stay within your desired range.

• If you only follow your plan when it’s convenient, you will see an upward trend on the scale.

• It’s all going to average out over time, and that’s why collecting data is so important.

Journaling, tracking your exercise, and weighing yourself regularly will allow you to build up a history and familiarity with your numbers, so that you know what works and what doesn’t to keep you in the range you want to be in.

Weight management – it’s a zone, not a number! 

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