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10 Things to Maintain: #7 – Never Stop Journaling!

By March 12, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments
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There’s one tool that stands above all of the others when it comes to weight management – Journaling!

It’s almost impossible to overstate just how useful it is to have a record of what you’ve eaten every day, and burned in exercise.

There are all the usual reasons, such as:

• Tracking consumption gives you insights into what you’re REALLY eating, versus what you think you’re eating.

• Tracking allows you to see how all the little extra snacks and bites add up.

• Writing it down helps you fight portion creep – recording how much you’re eating, keeps portions from getting bigger over time.

• Knowing you’ll be writing it down sometimes causes you to think twice before having something you may not want to admit to!

But, there’s another aspect that you may find useful as well.

The Historical Record

After a long period of journaling you now have data – you’ve created a historical record.

If you are tracking your weight along with your food (most online tracking apps like My Fitness Pal allow you to do this), you now have a record which can tell you exactly what you were eating when you fit into those teeny-tiny skinny jeans!

So if you want to get back into them, you now have a playbook and meal plan for exactly how to do it!


I’ve been journaling for over 10 years and I still get new insights out of looking at some of my oldest journals.

How are you tracking? What app is your favorite?

Or are you a pen and paper master, kickin’ it old school?