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10 Ways to Stay Healthy Working From Home

By July 8, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments

You finally have the opportunity that most people can only dream of—the opportunity to work from home! To many, this symbolizes freedom from cube farms and Negative Nancy coworkers. But for those who do work from home, they can attest that it is no cake-walk. With the structure of onsite work removed, some people find it hard to stick to their routine and healthy habits. Below are 10 ways that you can stay healthy while working from home!

1. Take Advantage of Standing

One of the most common warnings about our modern work environment is that a sedentary lifestyle can lead to many health issues. Take advantage of your space and either devise a standing desk for yourself or incorporate regular movement into your day. If you answer phone calls during the course of your day, walk around as your talk. Whatever you do, do not get into the habit of plopping down on the couch and not moving all day.

2. Work Around Your Workout

You are saving time each day by reducing your commute to roughly the time it takes to get out of bed in the morning. This should free-up more time to fit in a workout. Schedule this into your routine so that you don’t miss out. Whether you take a jog around your neighborhood or go to the gym before you are supposed to be on the job, take time for yourself.

3. Remove Tempting, Unhealthy Snacks

In most work break rooms there is a tantalizing menagerie of goodies stocked in the vending machine. Your will power and lack of pocket change kept you from indulging. When you are at home, the food in your cabinets and refrigerator are all too easy to access. Remove these temptations so that you can stick to your healthy snacks while working.

4. No Excuse Not to Hydrate

Drink water. This is crucial for those working in an office setting as well, but for those who work at home it is all too easy to keep brewing more coffee or pop open another cola. Stick to water to keep your body hydrated and healthy.

5. Incorporate Exercise into Your Tasks

Maybe you have a to-do list of five major items that you need to complete in a given day. After each item, set up your pull-up bar and practice your perfect pull-up form, or maybe do a set of crunches. This will keep you motivated to keep crossing items off of your list and help you stay active throughout the day.

6. Your Mental Health Matters, Too

If you are starting to feel irritable and lonely from the isolation of working at home, then make a plan to hang out with your friends. Schedule a group run or maybe go to lunch once every so often. Your company knows that a happy employee is a productive employee. Staying healthy means taking a check of your mental health and taking action as needed.

7. Maintain Structured “Office Hours”

Just because you work from home doesn’t mean that any time that you are at home you are available to work. You need to disconnect and establish healthy boundaries. Every once in awhile, the team may need you to be on-call for an emergency, but don’t let that turn into a 24/7 job. Shut off the computer, silence the cell phone and give yourself time to enjoy your life outside of work.

8. Eliminate Background Noise

Maybe you think that you are a master multitasker, but keeping the TV going all day while you are working isn’t multitasking, it is splitting your attention. And let’s be honest, unless you are watching an endless marathon of insightful and thought provoking documentaries you are likely just taking in some poor quality programming. Just like you shouldn’t feed your body junk food, don’t feed your brain junk TV. Keep it off and create a peaceful environment for you to be able to work efficiently.

9. Soak Up the Vitamin D

Don’t forget to go outside. While you may be glued at your computer for most of the day you still need to get some fresh air. Make a plan to eat your lunch outside or go for a quick walk in the afternoon to recharge your mind. Whatever you do, make sure to go outside. Resembling a vampire isn’t always an attractive look.

10. Stick to a Sleep Schedule

It can be tempting to enjoy the freedoms of not working during the day, but that can soon turn to an all-nighter to get things done. Most people don’t function well on massive quantities of caffeine, stress and little sleep. Stick to a sleep schedule that allows you to work when you are most productive and sleep when you are least productive. Getting enough sleep is very important to maintaining a healthy immune system.