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21 of the Best Metcon Exercises for a Leaner Physique

By November 29, 2015 April 15th, 2019 No Comments


  • A metcon exercise is a type of full body strength and cardiovascular conditioning training.
  • It can be done virtually anywhere with no equipment necessary.
  • Metcon training is a great way to help you shed fat when utilized in combination with a healthy diet.

Metabolic conditioning (often shortened to metcon) is actually a very simple way to train. The term has been adopted by the CrossFit community and refers to physical exercise that increases your body’s ability to transport oxygen from the lungs to your cells and then use this oxygen to generate the energy necessary for muscular movement. The fact of the matter is that metabolic conditioning is just that. It is targeting a specific metabolic pathway and increasing metabolic demand in order to quickly and efficiently increase energy expenditure and overall metabolic efficacy. By performing full body movements your metabolic conditioning will begin to increase and you will see the results you’ve been wanting.

Turn to this list of the best metcon exercises for a leaner physique and an overall healthier body. Don’t forget to check out our shop for the best fitness supplements and equipment! SHOP NOW.

  1. Deadlifts

    What makes this one so much of a meton exercise, is that, when performed correctly, it works multiple muscle groups at the same time, which provides you with the biggest metabolic bang for your buck. Follow this link to learn more about the benefits of this exercise.

  2. Burpee Box Jumps

    This is the ultimate metabolic condition exercise. This combination of plyometric cardio with bodyweight conditioning is the ultimate workout for fast fat burning. Check out this link for more information on this killer metcon exercise.

  3. Hanging Knee Raise

    This one incorporates several different muscle groups, such as the abs, upper back, hips, forearms, and shoulders, making it the perfect metcon exercise. Make sure to keep your core in a stable place, by not swinging back and forth as you move your legs. For more on this, check out the video on the link provided above.

  4. Kettle Snatch

    Kettlebells have been around for hundreds of years, so it’s no surprise they ended up in this roundup, especially because of their overwhelming popularity in the CrossFit community. What makes this one such a great mecon is the fact that you will be using almost your full body to propel the weight your head. This incorporates strength and conditioning, making it a killer addition to any workout.

  5. Jump Squats

    The best place to start in metcon training is with the most basic move: the traditional jump squat. Squat jumps provide all the same booty-toning benefits as a traditional squat, with a few added benefits. The squat jump strengthens your quads, glutes and hamstrings like a basic squat but also tones your calves and has cardiovascular benefits.

  6. Mountain Climbers

    This one is so great because you can complete it anywhere. Your body is your gym! Because you’re using your full body to complete the movement, it makes it the perfect metabolic conditioning exercise. Check out this link for more on this bodyweight killer.

  7. Power Lunge

    These jumping lunges are one of the best ways to get your heart rate up quickly. Add these to any one of your metcon workouts for the ultimate cardiovascular training. For more on the power lunge, follow this link.

  8. Power Push-Up Squat

    This bodyweight push-up squat combination will truly give you the metcon workout you need, with the benefit of never leaving your home. This motion strengthens both your upper body and lower body at the same time, all while giving you the cardiovascular exercise of your life! Check out this video for a demonstration of the correct form.

  9. Bench Press

    While the exercise chiefly works to build upper-body strength, some of the benefits of bench pressing—which range from improved cardiovascular health to a reduced chance of developing common diseases—may come as a welcome surprise. Try adding this one into your metabolic conditioning workouts!

  10. Jump Rope

    What piece of exercise equipment sells for under $20, fits into a briefcase, can be used by the whole family, and improves cardiovascular fitness while toning muscle at the same time? And using it for just 15-20 minutes will burn off the calories from a candy bar? The answer: a jump rope. So, before you do anything else, go buy a jump rope and you’ll begin to feel the effects of this metcon.

  11. Kettlebell Swings

    Kettlebell swings are initiated with a powerful hip thrust using your glutes and hamstring muscles. In weightlifting, these muscles work in conjunction with your lower back as they are strongly involved in virtually all lifting, running and jumping movements. For more information on the metcon exercise, follow this link.

  12. Goblet Squats

    Invented by the one and only Dan John and named after the position in which the weight is held, the goblet squat is one of the most idiot-proof ways to learn and reinforce the basic squatting movement pattern. This one also incorporates strength training with cardiovascular training, which is the perfect recipe for an intense metcon.

  13. Side Plank Lateral Raise

    This one incorporates core strength while building up stability. What makes this such a great metabolic conditioning exercise, is the fact that you are using your full body to perform the movements. Follow this link to learn more about this killer core exercise!

  14. Bench Dips

    Dips are an intense and effective isolation exercise that help develop a powerful and defined upper body. They can be performed on a machine at the gym or at home on a step; both methods use your bodyweight as resistance. For added resistance, try wearing a weight belt, or weighted vest.

  15. Frog Jumps

    The frog jump is a great exercise to raise your heart rate and burn calories. They are great in helping you strengthen your power muscles, the glutes. In addition to strengthening the glutes, frog jumps also help you strengthen your calves, hamstrings, and quads. Check this site for more on this exercise.

  16. Pull-Ups

    Pull-ups are one of the most iconic yet difficult exercises that exist. They have a number of benefits, including the fact that they rely only on bodyweight and, therefore, do not need special equipment or machines. Follow this link for more on this perfect metcon exercise.

  17. Wall Ball

    The wall ball drill comprises two highly functional classical weightlifting movements brought together at light loads and extended duration. This creates a super-potent metabolic conditioning tool with an enormous potential for increasing athletic performance. For more on this follow the link above.

  18. Push Jacks

    This fusion of the pushup and the jumping jack will get your heart pumping and your muscles burning in almost no time. For more on this metabolic conditioning exercise, follow this link.

  19. Thrusters

    Combining a front squat with an overhead press, thrusters give new meaning to the concept of the compound, multi-joint exercise. Work this move with heavier weight and lower reps for head-to-toe strength and power, or lighten up the load and do higher reps at timed intervals for the best metcon workout of your life.

  20. Rowing Machine

    The rowing machine is the perfect exercise to get you closer to your health and fitness goal. It combines strength and conditioning and most importantly uses your entire body to complete each movement. Follow this link for more on this exercise!

  21. Dumbbell Renegade Row

    The renegade row is one of the hardest and most effective abdominal exercises. The reason for this is that renegade rows force you to use the primary function of the stomach muscles: stabilization. In other words, the exercise teaches you how to keep your body as rigid as possible. You have no other choice but to contract your abs as hard as possible, making this the ultimate metcon exercise.