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3 Healthy Tricks You Need Up Your Sleeve!

By May 2, 2017 April 15th, 2019 No Comments
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These three little tricks will totally change the way you deal with unhealthy foods! Even putting one of these bad boys in motion could help you avoid tons of excess calories every day!

Trick 1: NO Eating On The Couch!

Eating on the couch is a dangerous thing.

You sit down, flip on your favorite show and before you know it – you have eaten a whole bag of chips!

Eating should not be an “activity” you do while doing other things. It isn’t safe.

Many cartons of ice cream have sadly been devoured and not even enjoyed because I was watching TV or talking on the phone, distracted from the spoonful’s entering my body.

It’s like texting and driving! Just don’t do it!

Remove the nightly ritual of calorie filled mindless eating on the couch and see what a difference it makes!

Trick 2: Wait For It!

If you are having a craving – I mean a REAL my-life-will-end-without-chocolate craving…

Wait ten minutes before giving in.

Chances are, you will forget about the craving all together and realize you don’t NEED the chocolate like you thought you did.

If you find yourself counting the seconds, watching the clock as the ten minutes pass, then indulge a little in the chocolate and move on with life.

Trick 3: Out Of Sight, Out Of MIND (And Out Of Tummy)!

I have a really fantastic husband – but he eats all sorts of yummy-unhealthy things that I should not eat.

Sometimes he brings those foods into our house and then I am tempted to eat cake for dinner instead of real food.

It’s an issue.

So, whenever he brings those less-than-healthy foods into our house, I make him put them up on a top shelf that is not in my direct line of sight in the pantry/fridge/wherever.

This works in two ways:

• Typically if I can’t see the yummy stuff I won’t even remember that it’s in the house, which is great!

And if I do remember that there are Oreos/Candy/Doritos/Yummyness in the pantry…

• it is already sitting on a higher shelf and I have to really work to get to it.

I am usually lazier than I am hungry, which works out in my favor for once in my life!

If I have to really work to get something, enough time passes for me to stop and think about whether or not I really NEED the yummy thing I am after and then I make the choice to not eat it. BAM!

What little tricks do you use to keep your calorie intake in check?