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3 Signs You Need to Change Your Workout

By November 9, 2017 April 11th, 2019 No Comments
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There are three types of people who go to the gym:

  1. People who change their workout every other day
  2. People who change their workout every few weeks
  3. People who never change their workout

That third group of people, that’s you, isn’t it?

How long have you been doing that same ol’ workout of yours? Going to the same station, doing the same reps, occasionally upping the weights if you’re feelin’ pretty good.

For the first six weeks it was great. But now, it’s doing nothing for you. Of course you’re not aware of that though. So you just keep getting up, going to the gym and hoping for the best.

It’s time to change that.

Here are three fatal warning signs that you need to rest, change your workout and come back with a new strategy.

#1: Your Goals Have Changed

Life has its seasons and depending on where you are in the year, your fitness goals may change. For example you may want to lose weight, increase strength, gain muscle size, improve flexibility, enhance your cardiovascular endurance, etc.

Or there are other times – like the New Year – where you really just want to focus on losing 10lbs of belly fat that you packed on over the holidays.

But if your workout doesn’t change with your new goals then you’ll most likely find yourself getting little to no results.

Different workout programs accomplish different things.

Here’s a quick rule of thumb to remember when changing fitness goals…

  • Heavy weights x 4-6 reps = Increases muscles strength and density
  • Moderate weights x 8-12 reps= Increase muscle size and strength
  • Light weights x 12+ reps= Increases muscle endurance

So the next time you decide you want something different, remember your workout needs to change with it.

#2: You’re Not Ready For It Yet…

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been given a well thought out program by your personal trainer, or copied and pasted one off the Internet.

If you’re not ready for it, you’re just not ready for it. What do I mean by that?

  • You can’t finish the workout
  • You feel dizzy or lightheaded in the middle of it
  • You can’t do the exercise with good technique and proper form
  • You can’t get to the gym enough to fit the program in
  • It’s just too damn hard

And, while this might seem a little obvious reading this at your computer screen, how often do you just power through your workouts instead?

Where you wake up the next day, not being able to even think about the stairs, and give yourself a high five for a job well done.

Tough exercise is great, and it should always be a challenge, but when you have any of the above, it’s time to scale it back and do something different.

#3: Your Circumstances Change

Life happens.

And there is nothing you can do about it.

You get sick. You get injured. Your boss keeps you late after work. And there will be times where you’re so busy you just can’t get to the gym.

This is where you start to beat yourself up and get annoyed that you’re missing sessions. Instead, give yourself a break.

Change your workout to fit your life. Not your life to fit your workout.