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3 SURPRISE Natural Supplements That Burn Fat!

By April 12, 2019 May 6th, 2019 No Comments
Dietary Supplements Over 50

Products that help you burn fat, including supplements, are big business nowadays.


Because people want to sit on their ass couch and get ripped, with little to no effort.

But, boo-hoo for them, because that’s not the way it works. You’ve got to be exercising and eating right before you even think about taking a fat burner.

They’re shown to have some pretty negative downsides!

However, there are some pretty sweet, natural supplements to burn fat that can supplement any diet.

And, you probably didn’t even know they did that job.

Here’s how to cut through all the noise and lower your fat levels, without having to worry about negative side effects, using completely natural ingredients.

#1: Caffeine

Caffeine’s uses go far beyond your morning pick-me-up.

In fact, it’s one of the most potent fat burners around.

It helps improve the oxidation of fat, and provides thermogenic effects to the thyroid which helps lower your body’s fat levels.

A recent Dutch study showed that high caffeine drinkers had reduced:

  • weight
  • fat mass
  • waist circumference

Compared to low caffeine consumers.

#2: Cayenne Pepper Extract

Okay, so this isn’t a direct fat burner in the same way caffeine is.

Cayenne Pepper Extract aids in digestion.

This might sound a bit like fluff, but it’s an important part of the fat loss process. If you can’t properly digest and process your food (such as with Intolerances or Bowel Syndromes) your body is likely to respond by retaining body fat from inflammation.

Cayenne Pepper Extract can have a wonderful effect on this, and help the digestion process along, resulting in less body fat overall.

#3: Magnesium

There are two great benefits to Magnesium:

  1. It increases the amount of Free Testosterone in your body
  2. It gives you vivid dreams.

Those are two things you want, trust me.

Increasing the amount of Free Testosterone in your body allows you to create more lean body mass… and burn more fat.

Which results in a leaner, healthier you!

Magnesium will help you sleep and recover more efficiently, which results in better use, and loss of your Body Fat stores.

So get some, and burn fat for good!

Here’s to supplementing your exercise and healthy food habits!