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3 Things That “FAIL” Means!

By January 26, 2017 April 15th, 2019 No Comments
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Meet My Friend, FAIL.

After avoiding FAIL as much as I could, I decided to FRIEND FAIL.

The word “fail” is a scary because it can suggest the inability to accomplish tasks, provoke thoughts that you’re not good enough, promote beliefs that it wasn’t meant to be, or lead to the saying:

I Suck.

In fitness and health, we hear these a lot:

• “I suck at that sport.”
• “My volleyball skills suck.”
• “I won’t lose weight.”

Heck, there’s even a social media hashtag “#FAIL” that means something wasn’t successful.

That feeling of defeat is intolerable.

We’ve seen and heard the quote:

• Failure leads to success.

Not many people succeed on their first try so why are we so hard on ourselves? Life is all about learning and the journey of finding the answer is the fun, and many times, frustrating part.

As a Fitness Trainer and a Trainer’s Trainer, fear of failure in trying to losing weight, fear of not becoming a successful Personal Trainer, and fear of relapsing are commonly shared with me.

As a coach, I share these three mantras for those who speak of failure.

Failure means:

1. You’re Building Character.

You can let failed projects bring you down or let it be motivational to conquer tasks in other ways.

Let it be a tool for emotional and mental growth.

We learn about ourselves and become

• stronger,
• creative, and
• open-minded.

2. You’re Trying.

Sometimes it takes three, four, or six tries to accomplish the ultimate goal.

I have many clients whose goal of weight loss gets derailed with

• birthday cakes,
• extravagant dinner outings, or
• a sudden craving.

If you fall, get back up and try again.

3. You Are Taking Steps To Success

How many tries did it take to ride a bike?

• We start with training wheels.
• Once the training wheels come off, we fall a few times before we can ride our two-wheeled bicycle.

Bumps and bruises later, success!

Let’s fail and learn to grow.

We can only learn more skills, gain more knowledge, and be prouder of our successes!