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3 Ways To Get Your Drink On… For Less Calories

By September 3, 2017 April 11th, 2019 No Comments

Who doesn’t wholeheartedly enjoy a nice ice cold refreshing cocktail after a long day at work?

Sometimes though, happy hour can get, well, a little too happy.

Before you know it, you’ve eaten 4 servings of nachos, 3 beers, a sugary shot of something, and then a nice greasy burger to top it all off. This post isn’t about the inevitable, happy hour snacks, it’s about saving the extra calories in the drinks you choose so you can feel a little less guilty about those fries.

After all, we are only human!

1. Learn To Like Vodka


  • vodka
  • club soda
  • lemon
  • lime juice (to taste)

Vodka is the lowest in calories when it comes to hard liquor.

Opting for club soda (seltzer) instead of tonic makes it much less intense of a sip (and healthier). The lemon and lime juices adds the perfect citrus/sour flavor to tie it all together.

This is the kind of drink you can have many of without getting sick of the taste…so enjoy it but be careful.

This cocktail comes in at around 64-80 calories depending on how much vodka your bartender pours.

2. Become A Wine-O.

Opt for a red or a white, stay away from port wines, dessert wines, or sweet wines.

While it is said that red wine is more heart healthy for you but white wine has less calories, both your regular red and whites come in at around 118-124 calories per serving (5 fl oz).

Red wine does have its health benefits, though. It contains an ingredient called resveratrol which helps prevent blood clots in the body as well as prevents damage to blood vessels.

However, there’s not much hard evidence stating that red wine is actually GOOD for you.

It’s just lower in calories than most cocktails.

3. Just Know That Light Beers Do Have Less Calories.

I know it’s difficult to turn down a delicious seasonal wheat beer (or whatever type tickles your fancy) but just keep in mind that one of those beers can run you anywhere from 140-250 calories.

For just ONE beer.

My suggestion would be to start out with the beer of your choice and then opt for a light beer for the ones to follow.

BUT, moderation is everything, my friends.

BONUS: What do you do when the dreaded DRUNCHIES (drunk-munchies) strikes!

What do you do after a night of some casual cocktails and you are STARVING? Well here are some tips to prevent (or attempt to prevent bad drunk eating).

  1. Eat a full meal before you head out so you aren’t immediately hungry after 10 minutes of being out.
  2. If you’re going for happy hour and you’re going to munch of some snacks, try and avoid things that are insanely loaded with cheese (like mozzarella sticks) or deep fried (…like mozzarella sticks).
  3. Flatbread pizza can be a good option when sharing. So are chips and salsa, chips and guacamole, and mini tacos (WITHOUT gobs of sour cream and cheese, of course).

Achieve your goals and be realistic about them at the same time.

When you deprive yourself of things that make you happy (like an occasional night out of drinks and dancing), you are more likely to binge on those things when you do let yourself have them.

Moderation is key!

Bottoms up!