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4 Craving Busters: Crave This, Have That!

By June 11, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments

It’s absolutely normal to have cravings for foods that are less than desirable for your waistline when you are trying to lose weight/tone up/put on lean muscle.

I’ve found throughout the past few years that there are certain replacements that help curb those junk food cravings while still (almost) getting to eat or drink what you want.

1. When you crave SODA:

Opt for a sparkling water!

So many brands out there these days make delicious sparkling sodas that are flavored, sweetened with a sugar substitute, and bubbly while remaining around 0 calories.

While there’s no caffeine in these bad boys, it will give you the carbonation that your body wants.

2. When you crave PIZZA:

This one is a tough craving to beat but a pizza craving typically comes when you are wanting cheesy, saucy awesomeness.

This can be curbed by either • making a tortilla pizza (broiling a tortilla until crispy, adding sauce and cheese, broiling again until cheese melts) or adding sauce and cheese atop a grilled chicken breast for a “Parmesan”-type feel.

With these 2 options, you will have more portion control, you’ll feel more full, and you won’t have the grease and extra calories.

3. When you crave CHOCOLATE:

Eat a sugar free or fat free chocolate pudding with 2 tbsp chocolate chips.

Instead of diving into a giant candy bar, you’ll have a nice little dessert, very low in calories, very delicious, and very chocolaty.

Let’s be real, there is NO substitute for chocolate but there are ways of having your chocolate and eating it too.

Chocolate pudding is something you obviously have to eat with a spoon which tricks your body into thinking it’s getting more than a 3-bite candy bar. You are also getting the real chocolate texture by adding chocolate chips.

A great thing to have on hand, always.

4. When you crave CHIPS:

Try chopping up your favorite veggies (sugar snap peas, celery, carrots, just to name a few ones with a good CRUNCH) and making an easy onion dip to mask the veggie taste.

Easy onion dip: 1 packet onion soup mix, one medium size container of plain non-fat Greek yogurt. Grab your crunchy veggies and dip away!

You’re still getting the continuous hand-to-mouth motion you crave from eating a bag of chips but doing it the health conscious way.

When you are trying to stay on track, don’t let those cravings get to you!

here are always substitutes. The best way to think of what to eat instead is to think about what qualities in the food that you are craving.

Whether it’s salty or sweet, crunchy or bubbly, there will be something to replace the junk that will keep you satisfied, undoubtedly!

To bustin’ those cravings.