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4 Muscle-Building Tips to Eliminate Plateaus!

By March 11, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments
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Asking yourself: Why aren’t my muscles growing?

Perhaps it’s because you do the same workout routine day in and day out, just switching muscle groups?

The majority of us love strength training and how good it feels to kill it in the gym. PLUS, seeing the results in the mirror creates a feeling like no other.

This is how the selfie came to be, right?

Unfortunately after a while, we all run into the dreaded beast:


When we hit that wall, our motivation starts to falter. You may even find yourself skipping workouts, which in the end hurts your body more.

Here are a few tips from well-known bodybuilders that will help you get moving towards progress and enter gains-territory again, and BREAK THAT PLATEAU.

Do Drop-Sets!

Once you hit failure with your current weight, decrease the weight you are lifting, and continue.

Keep doing this until you have hardly any weight.

• You will get that massive “pump,”
• Your muscle tissue gets engorged with nutrient-filled blood, and
• You will feel the difference.

You may even feel soreness once again in 24-48 hours.

Try Supersets!

A superset is pairing two movements that usually work opposing muscle groups.

This will help to build those muscles by constantly using them.

For example, deadlifts and squats work hamstring and quads. One set of each, following one another, is a superset.

Add Rest… To Gain Strength!

A rest/pause eliminates momentum that would otherwise help you lift.

If you pause during a set, it can make lights weights feel heavy.

During a lift, stop, rest, take about 3 breaths, then complete the movement.

It is mid-lift, not mid-set.

Blast Your Workouts!

Cut all your sets to 30 seconds.

This way you are getting in a cardio pump and strength training at the same time.

It’s efficient and you will maximize your result!

So the next time you take a selfie, or check yourself out in the mirror, think about how you can increase the gains! Definitely give all, or at least one of these, tips a try!

I did and I fell in love with drop-sets! You may, too!