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4 New Year’s Resolutions You’ll NEVER Keep

By December 16, 2017 April 11th, 2019 No Comments
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The feasting and gluttony of Christmas is over, and cookie-less January will soon be upon us.

So, you’re thinking you’ll make some New Year’s Resolutions about your health, right?

Make some that you’ll actually keep!

Here are four to avoid:

1. I’m Going To Get In Shape This Year!

Uhhh…no you’re not.

Not with a resolution like that.

This resolution pretty much misses the mark in every possible way.

• What does getting in shape even mean for you?

This resolution is just too vague to make any kind of difference.

Instead, focus on the steps you would actually take to get in shape, and make one or more of THOSE your resolution. You want to get in better shape, and that involves going to the gym, right?

Why not make a resolution you can actually measure success against.

• I’m going to hit the gym 3 days a week.

Or, make a resolution that will actually force you to put some skin (and by skin I mean money) in the game:

• I’m going to hire a personal trainer this Saturday and make a plan and commitment to meet with her twice a week.

Heck, go crazy and pay for those visits in advance.

Now THAT’S a resolution you’ve got a chance of keeping.

2. I’m Going To Lose 20/30/100 Pounds This Year!

Really? How? Because just saying you’re going to do it doesn’t give you much of a roadmap to get there.

Instead try focusing on the process instead of the result:

• How are you going to do it?

• Are you going to sign up for a program?

• Are you going to journal what you’re eating and keep your calories below 1500 every day?

• What, exactly, are you going to do to lose those 50 pounds?

Make that your resolution, for example, “I’m going to cut out all sodas and pastries.”

That’s a goal that’s achievable, and in focusing on the process, not the result, you can succeed regardless of what your body does.

3. I’m Going To Quit Smoking/Drinking.

This is an effort worthy of applause!

But…to make it stick, focus on the process.

These are both things that people manage to do mostly with help.

So instead of resolving to quit smoking, you could actually just go

• sign up for a smoking cessation program in your area.

Same with drinking – if that’s what you want to do, there are LOTS of programs that can help you.

• Signing up for one is a concrete step you can take, and will get you further along on your path than a vague resolution to do something…someday.

4. I’m Going To Find Love This Year.

Ok, I’m going to let this one slide.

• On the condition that you promise that the person you’re going to decide to love first and best is YOU.

Whatever you resolve, write it down, write it down again, and know you’re absolutely worthy of whatever resolutions you make!