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4 Reasons Why OATS Are The Miracle Carb!

By June 29, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments

Know what’s MAGICAL?


Yes, oats!

I learned this after two solid years of living a completely different lifestyle that no longer includes late night Taco Bell runs, binge drinking beer and other sugary garbage, and zero exercise.

I have been able to make the conclusion myself that oats, yes oats, are magical.

From my own personal experience with said miracle carb, I’ve noticed a multitude of benefits but it goes even deeper.

There are nutritional and scientific facts that support how truly awesome this simple carb actually is:

1. Oats Keep You Fuller, Longer.

A standard serving size of steel cut or quick cooking oats is a 1/2 a cup.

It doesn’t look like much when you dump this into a bowl. I mean, my first thought was “LOL, this will NOT satisfy me until lunch” but alas, it does!

Yes, they go through “processing” when these dear little oats are getting ready to be packaged but oats are able to retain their high fiber content along with other awesome nutrients to keep your belly content until your next meal.

2. Oats Are PACKED With Antioxidants.

For those who don’t know what antioxidants do, in laymen’s terms, they help with removing garbage from the bloodstream, which in turn, leads to a happy heart!

Because of the mass amount of fiber in oats, cholesterol is able to be extracted from your digestive system instead of turning into gunk that clogs your arteries. Fiber is also crucial for healthy digestion and weight-loss.

Who doesn’t want these benefits from EATING?

3. Oats… Are… Delicious!

Here’s where I just get straight forward and non-scientific with you.

They just taste awesome if prepared well.

Oats also act as a great base to add awesome toppings such as

  • bananas
  • berries
  • almond milk (to make it more liquify than just the water it’s cooked in)
  • nuts
  • NUT BUTTERS (sorry for the caps lock, I get excited over nut butters)

If you have a sweet tooth like me and want some French toast in the morning but… can’t… then make some oats, add cinnamon and a drizzle of maple syrup.

Thank me later (or thank me now with a comment below!).

4. Oats Are Wallet-Friendly.

You can usually buy a pretty large container of oats for under $3.

Clearly this means it’s time you go out and get some.