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4 Things I Learned From a Badass Iron-Woman

By February 16, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments
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Meet Patti. A former Iron-Woman and total badass. She started running in her early thirties and still averages about thirty to forty miles a week. In her prime, Patti finished her half marathons in just over an hour and her marathons in under two and a half hours. If there is ever a person to learn from, it’s Patti.

While her advice is simple, it’s often glossed over. To help you become as cool as Patti, I’ve come up with a list of 4 Things I Learned From a Former Badass Iron-Woman.

1. Start figuring out who the hell you want to be when you grow up. Then, grow up.

Patti saw a runner one day and told herself “I’m going to be just like that,” and she was motivated ever since. As a former smoker, it wasn’t easy, but Patti increased her mileage by 10% each time she ran and gradually got better and eventually tackled her Iron-Woman challenge in under twelve hours. Think about what or where you want to be, and go for it. No excuses.

2. Don’t look for a pat on the back. It may never come. Do it for yourself.

Spend your time and attention on setting and reaching personal goals, but don’t expect any recognition from anyone else. Patti didn’t compete in her Iron-Woman for anyone else but herself. While the recognition was great, it wasn’t her motivation.

3. Combat stress and anxiety by exercising.

Patti used running as a stress reliever. She ran and still runs at least 4 times a week and is a firm believer in using it as a natural way to feel better. Point is, get moving already.

4. Start juicing.

This vibrant little badass named Patti, swears she gets her youthful glow from juicing twice a day. The trick is not to tell her what veggies are in her juices though, otherwise she won’t want them. You also won’t find Patti messing around with any supplements. She gets everything she needs by adding a green juice and a beet juice to her diet every day.

Now that Patti is no longer competing, she spends her days owning and operating a boutique running store in the beautiful, downtown West Palm Beach area and continues to run. She enjoys hosting her weekly running classes and chatting with her visitors that swing by her store on a daily basis to rave about the latest running gear. She doesn’t offer dating advice and she’ll tell you that right up front. If you need help with your running shoes, then she’s got you covered.