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4 Tools For Beating Back Depression

By January 24, 2017 April 15th, 2019 No Comments
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Everyone feels down now and again, so everybody needs some tools for beating back the dark clouds.

Here are a 4 tools you can use when you feel that old black dog settle down on your chest.

Obviously you can try one at a time, but if you gang up on depression by letting them all loose on it at once, your results will obviously be better!

1. Fake It Til You Make It.

You know why this is a cliché? Because it’s true and it works.

When you feel down on yourself and life, instead of wallowing in it, act as if you are happy and lucky and confident.

How do you do that?

• By envisioning what you would do or say or think if you were ALREADY happy, and then DOING THAT.
• How would a confident, happy person talk to themselves?
• How would a successful person engage with the world?
• Identify it, then do it, whether it’s genuine or not.

Eventually, you will feel happy and confident and it will BE genuine.

It sounds crazy, but it works. Give it a try!

2. Distract Yourself.

A lot of the wallowing that occurs with depression is because of negative mental scripts.

I do it, you do it – everyone does it.

The trick is to short-circuit those scripts and fill the mental space with something else.

• Maybe something soothing and informational – a nature program or some NPR can do the trick. (News is probably a bad bet as it tends to focus on horrors and scandals.)

• Put on an interesting podcast and turn your hands to a favorite hobby – making something is another great way to feel good about yourself.

3. Call Up A Friend Or Family Member, Or Arrange To Meet With A Group Of Pals.

Your friends want to listen and support you and make you laugh.

It’s hard to reach out sometimes, but if you are honest about your struggle you may be amazed at how your friends come through to spend time with you.

Humans are social creatures so being around other people who care about you can be a good way to lift your spirits.

4. Exercise!

The infuriating thing about exercise is that when you want to do it the least is when you need it the most.

Exercise is a well-known mood lifter.

• No matter how bad you feel, you need to get out there and one of the best methods requires so little to get started – honey, when you feel the most down is when…
• A walk out in the sunshine will do you the most good.
• Put on some shoes, get off that couch, and take a spin around the block.

Again, take them all individually if you want… but I’d recommend you try them all at once. You can get through this!