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4 Ways to Thank Your Personal Trainer/Coach

By 2 February, 2015 April 17th, 2019 No Comments
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So you’re on your fitness journey and, at the beginning, in the middle, when you hit a plateau, or just for sh!ts and giggles you decide to hire a personal trainer.

Good for you!

But good for them?

Well, as a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) I can tell you that we have clients we CAN’T WAIT to train… and others that, well, the money is good…

Today, being National Personal Trainer Awareness Day, I figured I’d offer you four ways to show gratitude to you CPT… and I’m not talking chocolates and game tickets!

  1. Show up Ready to Work

Nothing annoys a personal trainer more than a client that is late, that shows up unprepared, that isn’t ready to give 100% to their workout.  You’re paying good, hard-earned money!

Don’t show up late, don’t be unprepared, and don’t come in lazy.

Come early, ready to rock and roll!

  1. Do Your Homework

(Most) Trainers aren’t stupid.  We know that getting in good shape and maintaining your gotten good shape is

  • 70% Nutrition
  • 20% Exercise
  • 10% Adequate, Quality Sleep

Or some relatively similar breakdown.

So we might give you, yes, homework, things we want you to do/accomplish outside of our training session.  It might be logging your other workouts, journaling your feelings before and after your workouts, or charting your food and water intake.

Do your homework!  We’re not asking you to do something that isn’t healthy.  Whatever homework your trainer gives you… DO IT.  Not doing your homework didn’t fly in 6th Grade… it doesn’t fly in the Game of Life, either.

  1. When We’re Together, It’s Focused Together

Like your hair stylist or your nail girl we know you want to vent about your boss, your kids, your bae, your neighbors, and the traffic on the way in.  It’s a bit of therapy, your personal training sessions, and we understand that.

But when you’re training with your CPT, try to maintain focus on the exercises, the form, and the energy we’re creating in our limited time together.  Try to keep the drama out of the workout… and try to keep the motivated concentration front and center.  Our time is limited, you know?

  1. Refer Your Friends/Compliment Us to Management

Nothing says THANKS to a CPT like referrals.  About 80% of our business comes from friends telling friends about how awesome it is to workout with us.  So, if you like us, tell your friends and get them working out with us, too!

And if you train with us at a gym where there’s Upper Management, put it in writing, addressed to the location manager and, better yet, the company CEO, complementing our training and how we assist you with reaching your physical fitness goals.  They listen to you much more than they listen to us… you’re our paying client, you help keep the lights on!

We don’t want chocolate or ice cream or champagne.  We feel the love, we feel the thanks, as your trainer, when you show up ready, when you do your homework, when you’re focused and ready, and when you refer your friends to us and compliment us in writing to our supervisors.

Happy Certified Personal Trainer Awareness Day.  We couldn’t do this without you!