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5 People To Remove From Your Life NOW

By May 19, 2017 April 15th, 2019 No Comments

Have you seen this post in your newsfeed “I’m Facebook housecleaning, and if you can see this then you’ve made the cut!”? Whew! Dodged that bullet, right? LOL. Like you cared.

So someone you know is getting rid of the friendships that they’ve accepted over the years that they feel are of no value to them today.

Now, dare I ask, WHY?

  • Why those people in particular?
  • Did those people serve no purpose, have hateful posts, too much nudity perhaps?

Whatever the reason, this person felt it was time to take action and delete them from eyesight.

Now, I dare ask, are there some people in your life that you see daily OR on social media that you KNOW need to be deleted, but not just simply deleted, ah yes, they need the big bad BLOCKED?

  • They do you no good.
  • They suck your energy right out of your body.
  • You cannot even help them out!
  • But for some reason you just can’t let them go.

Fortunately, my friends, you have me and with this list, if they fit, well time to tell ‘em to kick rocks!

1. The self-pity energy-sucking leach.

A little harsh I know but… jeeze… come ‘on guys.

If all they do is complain about how horrible their life is or post constantly how so and so is so mean to them and they just can’t catch a break, then what they are actually doing is feeding off of your empathy to fulfill their own narcissism.

2. The “Socialite”

These are people who your friends talk about as if their life is sooooo great. They “party” all weekend and can’t wait to tell you all about it.

  • Jealously feeds their ego and every time you say “oh man I wish I could live your life for a day” you have just put another notch on their bedpost.
  • These guys/girls are not necessarily bad or out to get you, but their fairy-tale life is not the life they actually live behind closed doors.

However the lasting effects on your perception of reality will be so skewed and could make you resent your current situation or relationship.

3. The One-Uppers.

If you have it, if you’ve done it, then sure enough they have also… but better!

  • Nothing is more frustrating than trying to have a conversation with someone and your “one-upper” friend butts in with every accomplishment they have made.
  • This will inevitably embarrass you as you feel the need to apologize for their lack of social skills.

To the curb with this dead weight!

4. The Scammers.

These are people that openly brag about cheating the system. They are the “MLM’ers” that you absolutely hate and would not admit to being friends with.

  • They are the people that try to live the good life at the expense of others.
  • They message you constantly with their scam of the week and, frankly…

You know that you will be seen as guilty by association as long as you are friends with them.

5. The Manipulators.

You all know at least one of these types of people, if not a few.

These people will talk you into circles, force you to accept their point of view, and MAKE YOU QUESTION YOUR OWN SANITY.

  • If you have ever said to yourself, “Am I crazy?” after a confrontation or argument with this person, beware!
  • You may have been victim to a master manipulator.

They will somehow get you to do thing you otherwise would never do, accept situations that you normally would not tolerate, and drain the ever-loving life out of your body.

More than likely after reading this, you have already rattled off a few people in your mind that fit one, or God forbid, a few of these types.

If you don’t really like them and they are not a family member, spouse (uh hem, counseling suggested), or friend that you just can’t sever the apron string from, then stop wasting your time.

Your time is valuable and it should be spent on those who lift YOU up and appreciate your friendship.

Detach the bloodsuckers and let them find a new host to destroy. To letting ’em go!