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5 Reasons to Use It B4 You Lose It

By March 9, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments
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Many relationships these days start out in the jack rabbit stage…

think sex all the time and anywhere you can think of…

but as time passes and you get comfortable with your s.o. (significant other), the amount and frequency of sex seems to drop significantly as each day passes.

But the good news is that you don’t have to let this happen to you.


Instead, adopt a “Use it Before You Lose It” mentality and follow these 5 reasons to have sex every day.

After all, having sex (when done safely of course) can be good for your health…

actually really good for your health.

Sex Relieves Stress

After long work days and sitting in tons of traffic, our stress levels are through the roof. Many people turn to things like alcohol for stress relief.

Instead of pouring a glass of wine tonight, start gently caressing your s.o. and they’ll be in the mood sooner rather than later.

Afterwards, you won’t even remember why you were stressed in the first place.

Sex Is A Great Workout

Don’t feel like working out today?

No problem.

Just get your sexual fitness on (here’s a bit i wrote on just this topic!).

Having sex can burn up to 200 calories in one romp session.

We’re not saying you should skip your workouts every day, but having sex is a great replacement workout here and there.

Sex Releases Feel Good Hormones

Exercising has long been studied as a great, natural way to boost your mood.

It’s even been called the best anti-depressant around.

Well, sex has the same benefits.

Sex releases feel good hormones like dopamine and endorphins which are feel good hormones and natural pain killers.

Either way, having sex will make you feel reaaaalll good afterwards.

Sex Releases Bonding Hormones

Oxytocin, known as the bonding hormone that brings couples together, also releases during sex.

This could explain why we’re so enamored in the beginning of relationships.

After all those sex sessions we’re completely hooked.

Sex Helps You Sleep Better

Similar to exercise being a natural anti-depressant, sex and exercise will also help you sleep better.

For those times when you’ve got too much on your mind and can’t sleep, turn to sex and thank us later.

Use it before you lose it!