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5 Reasons to Workout… Early!

By March 20, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments
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I used to think that people who worked out uber early, like 5am (or even earlier!), were just plain old bat-shit-crazy.

It never really made any sense to me or even appealed to me.

After all, does it really matter what time you get a workout in if you’re at least getting a workout in?

The answer is technically NO…. BUT I’ve noticed that you’re much better off working out in the AM vs. the PM and

Here Are My Top 5 Reasons Why YOU Should Be An Early AM Burner!

1. Power Through Your Day NOT Your Sleep

Exercise gives you energy, so why would you waste that energy by trying to sleep after a good workout. Sure, there are those times where you’re really exhausted and working out just makes you sleep like a baby, but those times are not consistent and can be rare.

Start your day with exercise and you’ll have energy all throughout the day AND you’ll sleep better at night.

During the day, you’ll be coasting on a post-exercise high and it will feel GREAT.

2. You’ll Eat Better & Burn Calories All Day

When you workout in the morning, you’re more likely to eat better throughout the day.

After all, why would you want to waste a good workout by supplementing it with a shitty diet.

People who work out in the evenings, tend to cheat more during the day knowing that they’ll “work it off” later.

Plus, if your workout is intense, you’ll be burning calories for several hours later. This is great news for those working out in the morning as you’ll be burning off the food you eat all day.

On the other hand, at night, you’ll just be burning calories while you sleep, which is not very efficient since your body is trying to rest, recover and repair instead.

3. You Can Reduce Your Daily Stress Levels

Exercise is a great mood regulator. It can help with anxiety, depression and stress levels. Why not equip yourself each day with a natural mood regulator that helps you feel good and helps you combat stress?

Trust me, you won’t need this kind of “equipment” while you sleep.

4. You Have Fewer Excuses in the Morning

After work, you’re tired, stressed, and have a zillion other things to do and reasons why you can’t workout and you’re more likely to cancel a workout altogether.

In the morning, all you have to battle, is the snooze button. You’ll be able to get a workout in even before your mind realizes it.

5. You’ll Only Have to Take One Shower

Save water and time by working out in the morning. You can take a shower post-workout instead of having to take one shower before work and one after working out.

Seems pretty efficient to me.

They say that it takes 22 days to break a habit, which can seem daunting.

My recommendation: start out slow, maybe wake up 15 minutes early one day and workout that long and then up it to 30 minutes of a workout and 30 minutes earlier of a wake-up. Eventually, you’ll get up to an hour.

I promise that once you do it for a couple of weeks, you’ll never workout in the evenings again.

Give it a shot! You’re totally worth it!