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5 Sex Positions That Burn The Most Calories

By August 4, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments
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As the great R Kelly once said:

‘Ain’t nothin’ wro-ooo-ong, with a lil’ bit o’ bump an’ grind’.

Let’s face it: no matter how much you love a hard training session – you’d much rather be making sweet, sweet lovin’. And, unless you’re doing it wrong, everybody loves it.

Here’s how to combine 2 of our fave things, working out and makin’ wuv.

I know, and you’re welcome.

You can approach this article in two ways:

• Follow It Like A Routine

From warm up, to cool down, you’ve got everything you need for a full sexy-workout. There are no times on each of them, so you can change at your discretion.

• Try Each Individually

Each of these positions is taxing, no matter how long you do them for. You can try each of them on their own, which will add a little variety.

And if you find one you really like, just stick with it.

1. The Warm Up: Missionary Position

You’ve probably always thought of the missionary as passive. It’s the position you do when you really just want to get down to business. But, it’s great for your core and working your glutes. Raising the woman’s pelvis adds for extra stimulation and a harder workout.

Position #2. The Grip

This is a slight variation on missionary.

The man takes a doggy style stance, while the woman ‘grips’ with her legs and pulls herself onto his manhood.

Then, you both move your pelvises forward and backwards, until you find the right spot.

This is a great workout for your core muscles, and targets some big muscles to really get the blood flowing.

Position #3. The G-Whiz

Head back towards the missionary position but with the woman’s legs resting on either chest or shoulders.

Pelvis should be tilted up and movement should be free flowing.

This provides a workouts on similar muscles, but at a much, much higher tempo than before.

Position #4. Doggy Style

(Yup, that’s a 24″ “wedge”… check it out here, now 34% off!!!)

In order to burn the most calories whilst having sex, two things are important,

• freedom of movement and

• a high tempo.

Doggy style provides both of these.

Think of this position as a much more enjoyable Kettlebell Swing.

Position #5. The Cool Down

Here’s where you can get your breath back.

There’s not a lot of male movement in this (but, after the last four, he could do with a rest).

The man takes up the Buddhist Lotus position, while the woman gets on top, cowgirl style.

You can kiss, cuddle and get a little more intimate, and increase the chance you’ll come together (if you haven’t already).