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5 Simple Habits of Healthy Couples

By June 8, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments

What exactly classifies a relationship as healthy?

When you can look past the frou-frou material things like getting flowers, going out for candlelight dinners, buying/receiving jewelry, etc, you strip down your relationship to your day-to-day actions and emotions.

I’ve pinpointed 5 simple habits that you may already be doing. And if you’re not, you should start.

These habits cost nothing but time… just pure, simplistic togetherness.

1. Workout Together

Like literally together.

Not just the girl hitting the treadmill for 45 minutes while the guy heads to the weights.

  • Guys, just stick to your regular gym routine and have your girl jump in between sets.
  • She can handle it (if your girl doesn’t lift, help her start!).

I find it much more motivating when my guy is there cheering me on for my last few reps. Plus, you are getting more time together in the day.

You can then bond over how sore you are the next day or go out for a well-deserved fro-yo break after an intense leg day.

2. Take Showers/Baths Together

All funny business aside, getting… clean… together is perfect bonding time.

You are stripped down (literally) to your most vulnerable state.

Make the water as hot as you guys can handle and hug it out. Something about skin-to-skin contact in a steamy environment that will make you feel closer than ever. Just close your eyes, breathe in, and enjoy each other’s touch.

Then just see where it goes from there… 😉

3. Watch Scary Movies Together

Designate a night in the middle of your hectic work weeks for a scary movie night.

It will give you something to look forward to!

Whether you like scary movies or not, just do it. You’re more likely to cuddle under blankets and just truly enjoy each other’s company. You’ll also freak out at the same time and then can laugh about it later. Plus, it gives you something to talk about after, whether it be good or bad.

Don’t forget the movie snacks!

4. Cook Dinners Together

This one is HUGE.

Conversing over a good meal is always the perfect time to catch up with each other after a long day at work (and if you have kids, finding out about their days, too!).

You can really learn a lot about someone’s eating habits when you cook together.

Like I always know to put a majority of the veggies on MY plate and leave most of the potatoes or rice for him. When you are done cooking an awesome meal, you guys will have a sense of accomplishment for the team work you just performed. Iron Chef-style.

Makes the meal taste even better, too!

5. Fall Asleep Together.

This only means to hit the haystack at the same time.

I know I fall asleep WAY faster than my man but he still joins me in bed, he’ll just watch TV for a bit.

Having that good night kiss and the last “Love you” for the day will put your mind at ease, whether you realize this or not, making it a much more restful sleep for the both of you.

So, why are all of these things important?

Well, I’m no psychologist but I believe having your habits more aligned will align your relationship as well. These are all happy, positive activities to enjoy with your significant other.

However, every relationship is as different as the people who are in them and the situations that they are in. My advice to you would be to find 5 happy/healthy habits you DO have and make them a priority every single week.

And to you parents out there who don’t think you HAVE the time for these… date night, anyone?!?