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5 Struggles of the Large-Breasted Fit Girl

By 11 February, 2015 April 17th, 2019 No Comments
Photo Credit: img.myconfinedspace.com

At the age of about 18, something happened to me. Some may call it a blessing, others may call it a curse. And me? I like to call it a daily inconvenience. So, what are we talking about here? BIG BREASTS. If you work out in any capacity and you were given the gift (or nuisance) of having a chest size that’s a few cup sizes above average, you will definitely be able to relate.

These are five of the struggles endured by large-breasted fit girls everywhere.

1. You always look heavier than you actually are

I’ll first start off by saying that I’m convinced my ACTUAL cup size is not a thing. Really, I don’t think it exists. I have a supremely small back size (that’s where your numbers come into play: 32, 34, 36, etc) but not supremely small boobs. Apparently, even in Victoria’s Secret La La Land, that’s not an actual human proportion. Whatever.

Myself, and many others who suffer the same dilemma, tend to look a few pounds larger than we actually are. I have a fairly small frame (by no means am I tiny, but I’m NOT tall or wide; 5’4, 122 lbs, on a good day) but the gargantuan melons make me appear 10-20 pounds heavier. Not really a prime situation when you’re trying to look FIT and SLIM, am I right?

SOLUTION: To try and combat this, I’ve focused on toning up my shoulders/traps to give my upper half a broader more muscular appearance giving the illusion of a smaller waist.

2. The awful “UNI-BOOB” look


Do I really even need to elaborate? Sports bras like to give the appearance of one large, mashed-together boob. Some awkward shape begins to form, resembling more of a watermelon rather than two nice cantaloupes. SO ATTRACTIVE! A tight tank top + uni-boob sports bra combo = YUCK! That outfit combo is just not an option.

SOLUTION: For the ideal sports bra in this situation, see #4!

3. Bent-over exercises become risqué

Bent-over rows? Dumbbell rows? Deadlifts? Anything that involves bending forward at the waist becomes more of a striptease than an exercise. Kidding… to an extent. Any exercise that involves bending over, though, large-breasted fit girls alike understand that you have to be conscious of pulling up your shirt and sports bra to cover the 9-mile cleavage you’re showing.

SOLUTION: If you’re really self-conscious about this don’t want to sacrifice wearing tank tops to the gym, throw on a zip-up hoodie for a few sets. Not only will it keep your muscles warm but you’ll conceal the gals until you finish up!

4. Sports bra shopping becomes the hardest thing in life

Shopping for a well-fitting sports bra tends to be more complicated and more stressful than finding a perfect pair of jeans. Why do you ask? Because in the same way that Victoria’s Secret doesn’t make sizes that actually fit women who resemble anything remotely curvy, sports bras don’t come in sizes that make sense either (unless you buy a cup size sports bra, which I don’t feel provides enough support/compression.) A small, medium, or large simply does not work.

SOLUTION: For a list of the sports bras that I find to keep the girls still, click here. Sadly, for good compression, you have to sacrifice some uni-boob. The struggle is real.

5. Running… Haha…


All I have to say is LOL. Without the right sports bra (see #2 and #4) running is simply out of the question. In fact, I base my HIIT run on days when my best compression sports bras are clean and I can wear them. Otherwise, chaos. Aside from the fact that you have to be aware of your boobs popping out, large-breasted fit girls also have to deal with the discomfort of the dreaded bounce. That’s why you have to keep them nicely tucked away, regardless of the uni-boob.

SOLUTION: When I do run, I’ll wear a compression sports bra along with a t-shirt (to cover up and not cause a commotion for people driving by,) or I’ll suck up the horrible appearance of a single mass of boob and wear a compression tank over my compression sports bra. A little double compression never hurt nobody.

Next time you’re feeling like you’re the only fit girl with big boob struggles, know that you are not alone! While there is no cure for this inconvenience, unless you go under the knife, there are small ways to make it less of a burden. What are some ways you’ve found to help smooth out the struggle?