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5 Things Tall Guys HATE About Working Out!

By August 3, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments

Being 6’5″ and working out ain’t all it’s cracked up to be!

Sure, being tall has it’s benefits, like changing light bulbs without a ladder, reaching for things in high places (usually for someone short), and big… feet 

But working out AND being tall also has its challenges…

Like what you ask…?

1. Our Reps are HARDER!

It’s no secret, tall people have a much longer range of motion.

Our 1 push up = 3 short people push ups, our 1 Squat = 3 Short people squats, and don’t even get me started on the bench press.

2. Looking Proportional is a STRUGGLE!

Have you ever seen someone really tall but something about them was a little off?

Maybe their head looked too big or too small for their body, or their legs were as long as your entire body.

Well this is a real problem, there’s only so much you can do in the gym to make yourself look proportional.

For tall people looking disproportional looks more exaggerated and can be very self defeating.

3. People ASSUME You’re Good at SPORTS!

If your in the 6’3″ and over category, you may know the feeling of always being 1st to be picked to play pick-up basketball or volley game.

It may serve as a quick ego boost, but it won’t last long especially if your not very good at that sport.


As mentioned above, the longer range of motion makes doing certain exercises that much harder to do for us.

Our abdominals are one of the hardest places for us to workout, simply because our those AB muscles need to be strong enough to support a much bigger body.

5. We Run FAST!

Now I know that may not sound like such a challenge, but when we compete in races with other people and win, the excuse is always the same.

“Long legs.” That’s why he won.

This may even be true to some extent, but hearing that over and over again can become a drag.

Those are the top 5 things us tall guys hate about working out!

Now go show some love to a tall guy!