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5 Tips: The ART Of The Gym SELFIE

By 25 November, 2014 April 17th, 2019 No Comments
Photo Credit: cdn9.bigappled.com

Did you know that if you don’t take a selfie during your workout and then post it on Instagram, that whole workout doesn’t even count???

Well, that might not be true, but there sure are a lot of people who seem to think that way.

Half the time when I am working out, I feel like I stumbled into Times Square and am surrounded by a bunch of tourists taking pictures.

It’s bad enough half the people in the gym are wearing giant headphones that look like they strapped a pair of studio speakers to their heads, now everyone is snapping (minimum) three photos per exercise as if they were part of a documentary.

I fancy myself somewhat of an amateur photographer, so let me help all you selfie-snappers out a little with a few tips on how to maximize capturing your insecurity, in all of its glory during your next trip to the gym.

1. Lighting is Key.

Make sure that you have the best possible lighting to maximize how amazing your guns and buns look.

Try taking your selfie in the mirror over the sink in the locker room or right in front of the dumbbell rack.

(Bonus points if you manage to capture an unsuspecting gym goer in the background.)

2. Get a Good PUMP First.

Nobody wants to see limp, flaccid muscles.

Hammer out a few good sets of curls, have your phone already on the camera app and ready to go so that you can drop the weights and grab your phone and snap that shot while your veins are still bulging.

• We wouldn’t want to post a pic without maximum vascularity.



3. Girls, Push Out That BOOTY!

Make sure that you have contorted your lower back into a perfect L-shaped 90 degree bend so everyone can see just how much those yoga classes are paying off.

Make sure to smile so nobody can tell how much pain you are in while holding this highly unnatural position.


4. Quack, Quack!

Come on now, everyone loves a nice puckered up set of duck lips!

What’s the point of showing off your body if you don’t show some sass by semi-kissing the camera?

To get the best effect have your bestie smack you in the mouth right before the picture is taken.

Lookin’ good!


5. Hashtag the CRAP Outta That Bad Boy!

#As #long #as #you #hashtag #every #word, #everything #should #be #fine.

Don’t waste another hard earned workout by forgetting to share 7-10 killer pics of you, you and you.

Who wants to see another pic of you in the gym?

Come on now.

Who doesn’t?