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5 Ways To Be A Nutritional ROAD WARRIOR!

By September 28, 2014 April 18th, 2019 No Comments
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Hitting the road can play havoc with your food and exercise plans. Traveling for business, or traveling for pleasure – each has its own challenges.

Weight Management On The Road: Part 1 – Travelling For Business

Traveling for business can be a real challenge to weight management efforts.

If you frequently travel for business you may find that every trip is depressingly similar – fly somewhere far away to sit on your butt in a room where your food choices are limited.

This is when things can get tricky for weight management, but here are some things you can do to keep on track and in check:

Record Keeping

While always important, this can be a breeze on business trips, that’s a little housekeeping you can do when you find yourself in endless meetings, bored to tears, and looking for some task to set your mind to – time to make sure your food journal is up to date!

The Hotel Gym/Fitness Center

Meet your new best friend.

If you can’t hit it at the end of the day, set the alarm early and go before heading into work. Exercising not only helps with weight management, but it can clear your head and elevate your mood as well. Bonus!

Get Out And Locate A Grocery Store

Stock up on healthy snacks on the first day of your trip.

If you’re attending a conference or convention you can usually pop up to your hotel room during the day when everybody else is having their hotel-provided afternoon snack of cookies, brownies and sodas to eat some of your own healthier snacks.

If Your Meetings Are Catered, You’ll Need To Be A Pro

Assess the offerings.

If you can fill your plate with veggies and lean proteins from what’s on offer you’re in a good place. If all you’ve got to work with is pizza (or similar), then limiting your portions is your best bet.

Booze packs a ton of calories, tempts you to eat things you probably ought not, and doesn’t add any nutritional value.

Weight management while traveling does require some planning and foresight, but it is possible.

In general, if you can hold your weight steady while traveling for business you’re completely winning the weight management game!