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5 Ways to be Happier TODAY!

By January 23, 2017 April 15th, 2019 No Comments

Most of our days get lost in the stress and chaos of work, obligations and technology. There has to be more to life, right?

Here are five ways to be happier that I have done recently to spend more of my life in my better place and you can do ALL of them today! Ready, go!

1. Put down your phone

I know, everyone always says that we need to do this more, but do we actually do it? Nope. But really, do it! This is truly one of the best ways to be happier. Take a break from your excessive connected-ness. Trust me, you aren’t missing anything. In a year, you won’t remember what was happening on Instagram, your high school friends’ drama on Facebook or who said whatever clever quip on Twitter. Spend more of your minutes making real connections.

2. De-Clutter

Your house, your mind and your life are all likely overflowing. Everyone’s in the same boat full of stuff! You will be amazed at the impact removing even a tiny bit of clutter will have on your overall happiness. In my life, my closet is a stress-filled tornado of chaos. Last week, I went through my sneakers and got rid of the pairs I had clearly destroyed or that I rarely wore, and I already feel so much better! Don’t have time today to tackle a big project like your shoe collection? De-clutter your mind instead. Stop holding on to stress and worry. If you keep thinking about something that is completely out of your control, let it go!

3. Get outside and move

Elle Woods said it best in Legally Blonde, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy!” Get outside and get moving. Taking advantage of even five minutes of sunshine and cardio will do wonders for your happiness level.

4. Enjoy a little silence

Literally, every second of our lives has a sound associated with it. Morning News, car radio, fingers on computer keys, conference calls, kids, spouse, music and more! As a society, we have become so accustomed to noise, that we hardly notice how much we are constantly bombarded by sounds. Turn it all off… even if it is just for a minute or two. You’ll feel instantly recharged and happier. One of the best to get this started is through yoga.

Check out our full line of yoga equipment to help get you started on your road to being happier.

5. Do more of what you love

There are so many things that we spend time on every single day; that are not necessarily our favorite things to do. Sitting in traffic? Yuck. Doing laundry, no thanks! It is important to set aside time to do one thing that you really love each day. Love to draw? Grab a pencil on your lunch break and spend a few quality minutes with your sketch pad. Is singing your thing? Turn the radio up on the way home from work and belt some tunes at the top of your lungs!

Just five minutes of pure happiness will turn around your whole day, so what are you waiting for?