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6 Reasons Your Not Getting a Six Pack

By April 19, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments

Are you getting in the way of the rock solid abs you’ve always wanted? It’s not all about doing a thousand crunches. There are some small mistakes you could be making that are causing you to miss the mark. Below are 6 issues that could be holding you back.

1. Don’t Stop Eating

To build lean muscle, including your abs, you need to consume protein and carbs to fuel their growth.

2. Check Yourself and Your Hormones

It’s possible that your hormones are out of whack, and you are building up the oestrogen hormone. This homormone can add fat around the mid section and hip.

3. It’s All About Your Core

Strengthening your entire core is the key to rock solid abs. Do exercises that work out the entire core section, like deadlifts and lunges.

4. Are You Feeling Bloated?

If you have intolerance’s to foods you’ve been eating, like wheat or dairy, you may actually be bloated.

5. It’s Time to HITT It With Your Best Shot

Instead of long drawn out cardio, focus on HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts to get the fat burn you need.

6. And Stop Stressing!

Stress can really created hormonal issues. See what activities you can partake in to help reduce your stress.