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6 Ways To Go Healthy at Starbucks

By May 22, 2017 April 15th, 2019 No Comments
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Do you love your Starbucks specialty drink?

Well, believe it or not, Starbucks offers a ton of healthy, non-splurge drinks on their everyday menu!

Starbucks will also allow you to customize your drink exactly to your personal wants, needs and dietary restrictions.

Here are some amazingly delicious drinks at Starbucks! However… remember when ordering to use your common sense.

If the Barista asks if you would like whipped cream, or if your drink looks like dessert, then it’s not low calorie, or a clean drink.

Healthy and great alternatives to the sugar-filled, calorie-bursting Frappuccino’s include:

1. Hot Coffee and Tea.

These two drinks are no doubt the healthiest drinks available.

They will help you stay on budget and keep your figure!

Now, it’s your job not to fall into the calorie trap of the add-ons such as:

  • cream
  • milk
  • sugar

I love my coffee tall, blonde and black. No extra calories and hits the spot!

2. Iced Tea.

If you order the unsweetened, light iced passion tea, NOT the tea-lemonade, it will be zero calories, very refreshing and clean!

But clean doesn’t have to be boring.

You can add a pump of sugar-free sweetener or even Truvia from the bar.

3. Chai Tea Latte.

If you’re anything like one of my bff’s (no names to be mentioned) you love the chai tea lattes, and it’s a must-have when passing any Starbucks.

Well, if you swap out some of the ingredients, it can be a healthy drink.

So, here’s how to get your chai tea fix. It’s not on the menu, so take notes.

Order a grande (medium), sugar-free vanilla, non-fat, chai tea bag custom tea latte.

If you make these changes, you are cutting out about 60 calories, and wait until you taste it!


4. Skinny Syrup Latte or Non-Fat Latte.

Do you have to have your latte?

This will be the healthiest option available to you, other than not drinking them.

  • Try ordering your latte with sugar-free syrup.
  • The sugar-free syrups are caramel, vanilla, hazelnut, cinnamon dolce, and mocha.

So next time, choose one of these sugar-free options and order your latte non-fat. Your drink will still taste sweet without the extra required workout afterwards.

5. Dry Cappucino.

Yes, a cappuccino has the same ingredients as a latte, but less milk and more foam.

If you ask for a dry cap, it will only have foam and espresso, no milk.

Keep in mind: It will be strong, potent, and may taste a little like air, but you’ll get your fix.

If you’re minding your budget, it’s not the best option because it’s mostly air.

6. Zen Refresher.

  • It will give you energy
  • It’s made with green tea
  • It has the benefits of antioxidants

I hope I mentioned one or two drinks that could be appealing to you, or help you swap from a sugary, calorie-filled drink to a healthier option.

If you’re ever not sure about a drink, your Barista can help!

Also, if you try one of these, and do not like it, they will remake you a drink without hesitation.

Any of these healthy options are a great way to start your day, after a workout to re-energize, or in the middle of the day as a quick pick-me-up!

Wait! You want to know what NOT to drink at Starbucks??

Look out for my next article featuring the worst offenders on the menu. They could send you into a diabetic coma or make you add 2-3 workouts to your weekly routine!