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6 Ways to Workout with Your Kids!

By February 27, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments
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Who has time to work-out with a house full of kids?

Rather than choosing between getting a good workout in and spending quality time with your children, multi-task, Momma!

The bonus is that you’re modeling healthy living habits that your children will take with them for life.

Here are some fun ideas for getting a true workout while spending great time with your kids:

• Trampoline Fun – Spend an hour bouncing at a local trampoline gym! A coworker and I did trampoline boot camp once, and we could barely walk to our desks the next day! This is no wimp’s workout.

• Hill Fun – Go to a local park that has a bit of a hill and let your children tell you how you’ll make it up and down each time. You can run, walk, skip, walk backward, roll, hop, jump, or cartwheel. Okay, the last one on that list would actually break my body, so maybe save that for the 5-year-old.

• Swim – Make a swim with your kids into a workout by jumping in the water and throwing your little ones up in the air.

• Get Your Yoga On – There are yoga classes for parents and kids, or my preference is to pop in a yoga video and let the kids join in. This one gets bonus points for being a great de-stressor too, which I have a feeling you could benefit from, Mom.

• Join Them on the Jungle Gym – Lace up your sneakers and follow your kids’ lead on the jungle gym instead of sitting on the sidelines: Climb the ladder and go down the slide; do the monkey bars; run a lap around the perimeter; do a few pushups on the grass.

• Make an Obstacle Course – Grab a hula hoop, some chalk, some blocks, or really whatever you have lying around and put American Ninja Warrior to shame! Let your kids invent the ground rules.

I bet there are tons of other ideas I haven’t even thought of.

Share them with me – will ya?