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7 Weird Things That Could Be Very Contagious

By December 26, 2017 April 11th, 2019 No Comments
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Even with all the hand sanitizers in the world, some of the most contagious things cannot be prevented, and surprisingly some don’t even involve germs.

Say What?

Oh yeah, you’re basically screwed.

No seriously, it’s all in fun people. And some of these things you should be happy to catch a case of.

1. Stress

Oh, yes, stress. It can be highly contagious.

Nameste all you want, but when you’re stressed out co-worker or family member unloads on you, your own once perfectly balanced stress hormones could go into overdrive and crash your chi.

Stress is likely one the most contagious craptacular emotions one could catch. If you see it coming…

run for the hills.

2. Outrageous Beliefs

NO you say.

“I would never allow myself to believe something just because someone else does.”


Every day and everywhere around us, there are people being duped into believing some of the most ridiculous things you could possibly imagine.

Now obviously everyone reading this is above such nonsense…

but are you?

In your circle of influence perhaps there is or has been a political view, religious view, or society view that you vehemently agree with regardless of the fact that many others oppose this view.

Are you right and they are wrong?

Maybe, maybe not.

Or perhaps we have all falling victim to an outrageous belief outbreak at some point or another in our lives.

Not a deadly contagion certainly…just damn annoying to the rest of the world.

3. An Itch

Oh how I hate when this happens.

• You’re sitting next to someone and they yell out “ahhh I just felt a bug on my arm” and they frantically swipe at it and start scratching the spot of the supposed violation.

All of a sudden your damn arm starts itching, too!

Then your head, then your neck and in no time that bug must have jumped ship and taken shelter on you. Or, it could be that behaviors such as itching (and yawning) are highly suggestive behaviors and the natural tendency is to copy them, unconsciously or not.

So get up, take a walk, shake it off and stop being a pansy.

4. Desire

You could be perfectly happy with your perfectly plain house, your perfectly plain job, and perfectly plain partner.

But when someone that you look up to or admire expresses that they want something and it is more than what you think you have, it’s likely you will reevaluate and want that too.

• People tend to rate the desirability of an object or PERSON based upon the fact that someone else wants it.

• Let’s say your preference is to only date girls with blond hair and usually your best friend does too.

• But he’s been talking about brunettes a lot lately.

• All of a sudden you’ve taken an interest in the brunette at work.

Weird huh?

Nope, you’ve been infected.

5. Hysteria

Hysteria become contagious by people taking on the emotion of other around them.

Here is an example that I’m sure you can relate to:

• I’m at a haunted house and personally I find it pretty lame, but as soon as a group of teenagers run past me screaming bloody murder knocking into me to get out, my heart rate elevates and boom….I’m petrified.


It wasn’t really that scary but we automatically rationalize that if others are scared I have to be too. Research has shown that we can pick up on fearfulness from others much like animals through body chemistry.

So when everyone else around you is running down the street screaming “Zombies”, take a chill pill and lock your door…from looters…yeah them darn looters.

6. Divorce

Yikes and more yikes!

• A Brown University study suggested that close family and friends of a couple going through a divorce are 75% more susceptible to getting a divorce themselves shortly after.

Usually it is because your divorcing friend is airing the dirty laundry of their failed marriage and you start to examine the issues in your own relationship more closely.

Conversely, happy marriages rub off too so it might be good to rub up on a happy couple and get some happy germs…

Scratch that… bad idea.

7. Body Image

This one’s my personal favorite.

People want to be around people like them.

When a group of people who typically enjoy similar activities and beliefs have one of their own move out of the norm and “stray” to the gym more than three times a week or perhaps stray to the doughnut shop more than three times a week, other will tend to follow suit.

Because they want to get in shape or conversely out of shape?

No, not really.

It’s because they caught the bug of change and when it comes to body image people typically mirror their closest friends: emotionally and physically. You know you have met a set of beasties and they either both are out of shape or both are dedicated gym goers.

One of them infected the other and now the disease will spread to the rest of the tribe…and hopefully it’s not on the way to crispy crème.

Good Luck!