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8 Things That Make Men So Damn Irresistable

By May 18, 2017 April 15th, 2019 No Comments

Well, my dear friends, it’s really very simple.

Women are attracted to men for a number of reasons.

Obviously these reason vary from individual to individual, but research has shown that there are certain traits present in Mr. Fantastic that woman are instantly drawn to.

Some of these traits you may already possess making you the envy of all your friends.

Others can be learned while still others are out of your control and maybe a little tequila might help bringing out your inner stud.

Today’s bit is focused on 4 Things You CAN’T Control. Super.

Let’s get these out of the way so that you can focus on those you can.

1. Height.

Have you not heard that “all women” describe their dream man as “tall, dark, and handsome”.

Well that may be a bit of an over-generalization, but there is some truth in it.

  • According to EHarmony “It is noted that height is a “masculine” characteristic.
  • Taller men may be seen as more dominant and assertive thus awarded a greater social status.

So if you are over 6 foot, give yourself a big ol’ checkmark!

2. A Deep Voice.

Ah yes, that voice that reminds us of our own father’s.

If you are looking to snag a daddy’s girl, she will more than likely compare you to her beloved papa in every way…

  • And if his voice was deep then she will probably look for that in you too.

Just an FYI, and yes, you’re welcome.

3. Smell.

Yes, your natural smell.

Whether or not pheromones initially affect sexual attraction is not completely understood.

However research has indicated that we might be using a different set of subtle smell cues to help select our perfect mates.

  • Each of us are born with a unique “odorprint,” like a fingerprint.

I absolutely agree with this have been known to linger a little too long over my husband’s bald head just getting a good whiff.

4. Intelligence.

Sure it may seem like all the women are going for that testosterone fueled douche at the gym, but in reality he is just a toy to be played with and thrown back into the box.

  • Women are uncontrollably attracted to a man that she knows is smarter than her.
  • Oh sure we won’t tell you that we think you are but deep down, we get a little kick out of you knowing the first 40 digits in pi (go on… 3.14… ahem.).

Oh and side note, if you look like The Hulk yet can write up an equation that would impress the cast of The Big Bang theory, you my friend are a mega stud.

Again, you’re welcome.

So there you have it, you can run with it or you can call me a liar.

Either way, you will surely see for yourself that I’m right in the end.

Oh, as promised, of course, here’s my bit on things you CAN CONTROL!!

(And yes, again, you’re welcome.)