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9 Inexcusably Horrific Excusing Excuses

By March 1, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments
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How many excuses can I come up with to not go to my weekly yoga class?

Let me preface by saying that I LOVE this class. I really do. I look forward to it every week, and when I do miss it I am unhappy about.

Here Are Some Of My Go-To Excuses (DON’T Try These at Home!):

#1: I have to work a little later than usual, so I will be rushed to make it to the class on time. I usually like getting there 15 minutes early but the instructor does not mind if you come to it 15 minutes late.

#2: I was so busy at work today, I didn’t eat much. I am a little hungry.

#3: I took the wrong pair of pants to wear to the class, I like the other black pants better.

#4: Friend calls on my way to Yoga, and it’s so nice to chat. Maybe I should just continue chatting?

#5: I am moving soon, and I really should get home so I can continue packing. If I go to Yoga I will be tired when I get home and not pack.

#6: It is okay to not go once in a while.

#7: If I don’t go today, then I just saved some money and I can do something else with that money.

#8: If I go, I will get home late, and that means eating dinner late and I try and avoid that.

#9: I worked out twice this week already, there is no need to overdo it and burn myself out.

And the excuses just keep on coming.

The excuses are usually all true, logical and make a lot of sense… That is why I sometimes listen to these excuses.

I am not advocating to push ahead and not listen to logic and reason, because there are times when our minds and bodies need a rest, and that is the good thing for us to do. Usually, we know the difference between the two.

When I was young, I was taught an old proverb in Hebrew that translates to:

After the actions, our hearts follow. When I was young, my mom would tell me this when I didn’t want to go to school on the first day of the year, and she would say “go, you will see, you will love it”.

I have tried this statement out many times and it almost always hold true. Sometimes you need to tell those excuses to go somewhere else, and do whatever you intended to despite the logical excuses. I bet that most times you will not regret the going.

Your heart will be happy it listened to the body and not to the excuses.

What excuses have you broken through?