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A one-day diet plan after a one-day overeating experience

By September 27, 2017 April 11th, 2019 No Comments

As we inch closer to the festivities of the year, the urge to eat as much as the eye sees looms large. In addition, if you do give in to even a slice of that, you have eaten a lot-certainly, much more than you should. This results in one big food hangover the morning after. To avoid getting into such an awful trap, we have put together here a plan that helps you fight any food cravings and bloat and puts you back on the road to healthy food. Here are the leading pointers that can change your life:

Eat breakfast:

Do not make the mistake of skipping breakfast because you had a large dinner the previous night. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You know, you eat this meal after a long gap of six to eight hours of sleep, so you need the right nutrition and enough of it. It boosts your metabolism and is the precursor of a good day of eating. To stay light, have a banana smoothie. Else, ensure you have sufficient intake of protein and fiber, water and electrolytes to keep you well hydrated.

Drink lots of water:

Begin the day with a glass of water, particularly after a night of heavy eating. In fact, if it is warm, so much the better. It stimulates your bowels, reduces bloating and makes you feel less stuffed. Aim for about 10 glasses through the day, since a dehydrated feeling can increase your hunger and make you overeat yet again. Have a cup of coffee without cream or sugar after your first glass of water.

Stock up on lunch:

Lunch is a necessary meal for everyone because it helps stabilize your blood sugar levels and restrains your food cravings when you are very hungry. It is vital to eat three hourly. A salad lunch with grilled salmon or chicken and topped with vegetables and some rice too is good for you.

Snack on fruit:

When hunger strikes, have a healthy snack. Your overeating the night before might tempt you to look for a sweet snack, so choose fruits. It is good to eat two portions of fruit per day. Also, try other snacks like hummus, veggies, almonds and fruit or just green tea through the day.

Exercise at any time:

If you cannot make it to the gym in the morning, exercise at any convenient time during the day. It could mean taking a walk after lunch or climbing stairs. Doing this every day can get you into an exercise routine by the weekend when you can achieve some of your weight loss objectives.

Do not skip dinner:

A soup of veggie soup for dinner sounds great as its low-calorie, high-fiber and very hydrating. Pair it with some grilled chicken and croutons and you are good to go.

Can you repeat this schedule through the week until you get into a routine of eating nutritious food and exercising? If yes, use your imagination and create your own meal plans that suit your budget and time.