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A Workout FIT For YOUR Lifestyle!

By March 10, 2016 April 15th, 2019 No Comments

While most see an old gym bag filled with a sweaty towel, a pair of worn out shoes, a bag of chalk and some protein powder (that unbeknownst to them is actually pre-workout), you see an arsenal of tools that keeps your body finely tuned.  You never miss a workout and will brag about the new PR you hit to anyone that will listen (and even to those who won’t).  Your fitness is a priority and you love finding new, creative ways to give it an upgrade.

The good news is SO DO WE!  Our team of fitness experts carefully crafted a very short, but incredibly effective overall conditioning circuit.  The best part is you can do it even if your gym is stuck in the stone ages and lacks the requisite kettlebells that make this workout so beneficial.  Be prepared for some serious gains!

What you need:

  • 1 KettleClamp (we’ll work up to 2, so be prepared – Shop Now)
  • 1 Medicine ball, 14-20lbs
  • 1 light weight, 5-15lbs, dumbbell (KettleClamp attached)
  • 1 moderate weight, 15-25lbs, dumbbell (KettleClamp attached)
  • 1 heavy weight, 20-40lbs, dumbbell (KettleClamp attached)

Tips before you get started:

  • Put on some good music (whatever motivates you, we’re not here to judge)
  • Remove watch, jewelry, rings
  • Have water and a towel handy and make sure you wear proper workout shoes
  • Take before (#GetMyFitTogether) & after (#GotMyFitTogether) selfies (or else it doesn’t count)

Now get to work:

Perform each exercise for the prescribed time and rest 15 seconds after each exercise. After each circuit, rest a full 3 minutes. Complete the circuit 4 times (29 total minutes).   Full-Body Conditioning HIIT Circuit

  • :30 – Bodyweight – Jumping Jacks
  • :15 – Rest
  • :45 – Kettleclamp – Alternating one-handed swing (heavy weight)
  • :15 – Rest
  • :30 – Medicine Ball – Alternating Medicine Ball Spiderman Push-ups
  • :15 – Rest
  • :45 – Kettleclamp – Figure 8’s (moderate weight)
  • :15 – Rest
  • :30 – Medicine Ball – Seated Medicine Ball Trunk Rotation
  • :15 – Rest
  • :45 – Kettleclamp – Alternating suitcase swing to bottoms-up press (light weight)
  • 3:00 – Rest

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