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A Workout FIT For YOUR Lifestyle!

By March 10, 2016 April 15th, 2019 No Comments

There’s the kind of woman that heads straight to the elliptical, then hides out in the ladies’s area when it’s time to lift weights.  And then there’s YOU!  You walk in like a #girlboss, looking good (but not done up) and walk right onto the floor, parting the sea of men working on their gains.  You kick your ass in just enough time to rinse off and make it to happy hour with your girls.  And you’re ALWAYS on the hunt for the best FIT out there, whether it’s a delish smoothie recipe or a 10k in a new city you’ve been dying to visit.

Good news my friend, WE HEAR YOU because WE ARE YOU.  Fitness isn’t just a thing we do, it’s our way of life.  Our team of experts carefully crafted this workout to make sure no muscle-group goes unworked.  Get ready for maximum calorie burn in under 30 minutes!   What you need:

  • 1 KettleClamp (we’ll work up to 2, so be prepared)
  • 1 Medicine ball, 10-16lbs
  • 1 moderate weight, 7-15lbs, dumbbell (KettleClamp attached)
  • 1 heavy weight, 15-30lbs, dumbbell (KettleClamp attached)

Tips before you get started:

  • Put on some good music (whatever motivates you, we’re not here to judge)
  • Remove watch, jewelry, rings
  • Have water and a towel handy and make sure you wear proper workout shoes
  • Take before (#GetMyFitTogether) & after (#GotMyFitTogether) selfies (or else it doesn’t count)

Now get to work: Perform each exercise for the prescribed time and rest for 15 seconds after each. After each circuit, rest a full 3 minutes. Complete the circuit 4 times (29 minutes total).

Full-Body Fat Loss HIIT Circuit

  • :30 – Bodyweight – Jumping Jacks
  • :15 – Rest
  • :45 – Kettleclamp – 2 handed swing (heavy weight)
  • :15 – Rest
  • :30 – Medicine Ball – Alternating Medicine Ball Spiderman Push-ups
  • :15 – Rest
  • :45 – Kettleclamp – Deficit Squat (heavy weight)
  • :15 – Rest
  • :30 – Medicine Ball – Seated Medicine Ball Trunk Rotation
  • :15 – Rest
  • :45 – Kettleclamp – Squat to upright row (moderate weight)
  • 3:00 – Rest

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