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Be Like That Workout Couple You Always Envy!

By March 17, 2014 April 18th, 2019 No Comments

Do you ever find yourself checking out that workout couple at the gym who is always training together? Do you envy the couples that go running together? Would you like a fun way to incorporate fitness into your relationship?

Being a workout couple is not only beneficial for both of you physically, but it will also strengthen your relationship mentally and quite possibly sexually. What?? Yes! When you exercise, you increase your endorphins, or your happy hormones, which could lead you into the bedroom!

Here are some workout couple ideas!

Run a 5k Together!

If you’re not into the gym scene, how about a 5k race? It can be just for fun or competitive, depending on your fitness level. You can motivate each other while training for the race, and celebrate the accomplishment when you cross that finish line together!

Go For a Walk on the Beach

Running a race isn’t your thing? Get your hearts pumping with a walk on the beach, hand in hand, a few times a week. This is a great way to add functional fitness into your relationship. You can talk throughout the walk and share the happenings of your day and your future goals. A perfect opportunity for alone time with your partner!

Take a Dance Class

Consider spicing things up with a fun dance class! Find a local school or studio that offers a sensual Salsa dance class, or a hot hip-hop lesson. Learning how to dance is, fun, entertaining, and will no doubt bring you closer together! Who doesn’t want to get fit while having fun?

These are just a few fun ideas to get fit with your mate while enjoying each other’s company.

Be that couple everyone envies!