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Because FLAB AIN’T FAB (Hello Spin Two Point OHHHH)

By February 14, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments
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Cardio for your arms? You betcha! Just when you thought spinning couldn’t go any further, it has. Introducing Kranking. Formally known as an Upper Body Ergometer, this machine is literally spinning for your arms.

While this technology isn’t new, in fact, it’s been around in rehabilitation centers since the ‘70s, it’s starting to gain popularity in elite health clubs in New York and Los Angeles as a great way to tone up your arms, shoulders and chest.

Advocates of Kranking claim that you can improve your cardiovascular fitness, core strength, and stability, as well as increase your upper body strength, all while sitting comfortably in a chair and spinning your arms like a madman.

So you don’t look completely ridiculous spinning your arms in a circle in the corner of the gym, you should probably only attempt a Kranking workout in a group class setting. Tone up those flabby arms of yours and start Kranking today.