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Brogah! Brogah! Brogah!

By February 3, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments

Frustrated with the current yoga options on the market, the makers of Brogamat decided to create the sweetest yoga mats on the planet. Unlike normal yoga mats, these bad boys are made with extra grips and can withstand the weight of a taller, heavier, and sweatier user.

Check out these hilarious designs you can choose from:

First, we have the Burrito Bag which can apparently hold your Brogamat AND a burrito.  Next, we have one for the Ron Swanson yoga type. Although Ron Swanson would never be caught dead doing yoga. We secretly think he if he did, he’d use this one.  If you’re ready to give up your Lumber Jack days for a calmer route in life, then this one is perfect for you.  If you’re feeling like a Game of Thrones type of yoga day or even looking to get your Robin Hood poses on, you will definitely love the quiver of arrows mat.