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Build Strength with Classic Training Methods that Work

By December 21, 2015 April 15th, 2019 No Comments


  • The continuous ramp technique is still a great way to improve grip strength and, thus, pull bigger numbers, especially in the deadlift.
  • Use heavy overload sets to increase your bench press.
  • Work on increasing weight while decreasing range-of-motion, then increasing range-of-motion while decreasing weight; legendary strongman Paul Anderson was famous for this style of training.

We get so caught up in “the latest and greatest” of everything, especially when it comes to training philosophies. But, when you stop and think about what the forefathers of lifting achieved without all these new-fangled techniques, it makes you want to revisit the training habits they maintained to see what new information you can glean from them.

This is exactly what we suggest. If you’re stuck at a point in your training where you’ve fallen out of love with your current plan of attack, remember that you can always go back to basics with these classic training techniques that really work.

A few great ideas to help you improve your lifts include utilizing the continuous ramp technique for grip strength (begin by deadlifting the weighted barbell with only your index fingers, for three reps then increasing the weight and number of fingers used to pull until you hit a max and switch to full hand;) the overload technique on the bench press (begin with a normal build to a heavy set, add 50-75 pounds over your max then unrack, hold for 10 seconds, and re-rack, continuing to build until it’s time to try a slightly heavier max;) and by desensitizing the golgi tendon organ with range-of-motion training (increasing weight over your max but performing an a lift with smaller range-of-motion, then decreasing weight and performing with full range-of-motion.)

When in doubt, look to the past to get fresh perspective on your future training.

Original Article: 3 Ways to Build Old School Strength,, 12/8/15