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Busting The Plateau… Just do one of these two things

By July 20, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments

This phase can feel like an eternity!

You’ve been working out and eating healthy on a regular basis for a while now but you’re still not losing those last 10lbs or 15lbs.

Don’t panic, you’re not pregnant…you’ve just hit a plateau.

Believe it or not, the same reason you haven’t lost that body fat yet is the same reason we’ve been able to exist as a species!

It’s called Adaptation.

Our bodies, throughout history have needed to adapt to our surroundings and our resources in order to survive.

So what does this have to do with you losing those last few pounds?


Your body has now adapted to your exercise routine and possibly even your eating habits, so at this point seeing a major change doing the same old things would be a challenge.

So how do you fix this?

If the problem is that your body has adapted to your workout routine then you may only need to do 1 of 2 things.

  • Either follow a new program or take a week off!

(See my article “4 Warning signs your not seeing any progress” for more info)

If the problem is that you’ve adapted to your eating habits then you may need to “RESET” your Metabolism.

  • If that’s the case this 14 day challenge may help!

First learned by my mentor Elliot Hulse, this 14 day Metabolic RESET is also known as the a body builder’s approach to building “Lean Hybrid Muscle”.

Here’s how it works:

Day 1-2:

• Drink 2 Gallons of Water.
• ONLY eating HIGH protein LOW fat foods (i.e. Turkey breast, tuna, etc.
• Eat as much green vegetables as your want

Day 3:

• Intermittent Fast!
• (2 Gallons of water)

Meaning for 16 hours only drink water and for the other 8 hours consume your recommended about of calories.

Day 4-6:

• Drink 1 Gallon of Water
• Eat HIGH PROTEIN, HIGH FAT foods (i.e. Ribs, wings, chicken, etc)
• Again eat as many vegetables as you’d like

Day 7:

• Drink 1/2 Gallon of Water
• Eating HIGH Carbs, MODERATE Fats, LOW protein meals (I.E. Brown Rice, Sweet Potato, etc.)

REPEAT 2x for a total of 14 days.

Needless to say this can be a challenge for 2 weeks, however, it may be what you need in order to reset your metabolism and help you get to that NEXT Level in your fitness journey.