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Check Out What this Health Blogger Eats in Typical a Day

By December 23, 2015 April 15th, 2019 No Comments


  • Cassey Ho is a fitness enthusiast, health blogger, and YouTube sensation with over one million subscribers.
  • Between filming new videos, attending meetings, and creating new workouts, Cassey still has time to fuel her body.
  • By eating four square nutritionally packed meals, Cassey has the energy to get through the day.

Do you ever wonder what your fitness icons eat on a normal day? In a recent article, Cassey Ho, a YouTube and Blogilates sensation, revealed what her daily nutrition looks like. Since no two days are the same, she is required to be very intentional of when and what she eats. If you find yourself in this same predicament or you are just curious, here is what a typical day looks like for this health blogger.

Breakfast: Paleo pancakes

All you need is two eggs and one banana.

Snack: Eggs and avocado on Ezekiel bread

This is a great way to get in some protein, fat, and carbs to prepare for a busy day.

Lunch: Kelp noodles

Loaded with calcium, iron and vitamin K.

Dinner: Salmon with quinoa, seaweed, and avocado

This is a power plate loaded with protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals.

Original Article: What I Eat in a Typical Day: Cassey Ho Shows Us Her Diet,, 12/8/15