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Conscious (Restaurant) Uncoupling – Eating Out Without Binging Out

By January 12, 2017 April 15th, 2019 No Comments
Photo Credit: well hello, yummy

Here’s five great tips I’ve used to keep the weight continuing to come off… and to maintain a healthy weight (most of these tips were learned from WW meetings and from watching what people who look the way I want my body to look were doing):

1. Portion Control – See your palm? Yup. That’s the size of a serving of meat. Close your hand together in a soft fist? That’s how many nuts in a serving of nuts (easy there… eeeeeeeeasy). Ever take a look at the size of a plate at a restaurant? At home, we’d call that a serving platter. At a restaurant… that’s just your plate. Be conscious of portion size.

2. Get the To-Go Box When You Order – Speaking of portion control… there’s no reason why you have to eat everything on your plate. Don’t wait until you’re approaching full to ask for the to-go box. Order the box when you order your food. When it arrives immediately cut the meal in half and put one-half in the box. Wrap it up and put it aside. Helloooooo tomorrow’s lunch!

3. Skip the Bread – Eating at a restaurant where bread is placed in front of you, dripping in three pounds of butter? That’s cool, but that’s not part of the new you. When you are seated casually mention to the hostess or wait staff that you’d like no bread to be placed at your table. The relationship between bread and the places you wish to shrink on your body are well documented.

4. Don’t Arrive Hungry – Just like you shouldn’t arrive at the grocery store STAAARRRVING, don’t arrive at a restaurant uber hungry either. Have a healthy snack, like a piece of fruit, before you get there so you’re not wrapping up the second bucket of breadsticks before the food gets there (did you skip #3 above?!?).

5. Decrease Your Restaurant Attendance Rate – There’s no better way of making your ideal body challenge more difficult than eating out. Even if you order the cod fish salad chances are, the way they prepare it, is, a gazillion times less healthy than the way you’d prepare it at home. I’m not saying never go out or never have pizza. just consider making it at home. Your money will go a lot further and you’ll eat a lot more healthily!