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Dirty Mouth. Try Oil Pulling.

By March 26, 2017 April 12th, 2019 No Comments

According to ancient Ayurveda (Hindu traditional medicine), you can actually remove harmful bacteria, fungus, and other organisms from your mouth, teeth, gums and throat by simply swishing oil like its mouthwash. Sounds simple right? It may come across as crazy rather than simple, but oil pulling experts seem to swear by it.

The concept is very similar to using old fashioned salt water, but the benefits seem to go further than mouth wash and salt water combined. Think of oil pulling like the king of all mouthwashes. Although this king doesn’t just rule teeth, mouth and gums it also reigns over and heals many other aspects of the body. Maybe it’s more like a dictator actually. Anyway, here’s how oil pulling works.

Before you start oil pulling you are going to need the right kind of oil. You can find one here.

How Oil Pulling Works

Oil Pulling experts start out by choosing a high-quality, cold pressed oil, such as sesame, coconut, sunflower or olive. From what we can see, sesame oil is the way to go but we have also heard that alternating oils can be pretty beneficial as well. Next, you take about a tablespoon of your chosen oil and swish it around your mouth anywhere from 10 minutes to 20 minutes at a time. While 20 minutes does seem kind of ridiculous, it may be worth it once you see all the benefits that oil pulling has to offer.

Oil Pulling Mixture

When the oil mixes with your saliva, it turns into a thin, white liquid. As the oil is swished around all of your oral crevices, toxins are beginning to not only surface but also begin to be absorbed within the oil. What you’re left with, is a thick, gooey, white substance. Sounds hot right? Once this consistency has been reached, you spit the mixture out so the toxins are not reabsorbed and Voila! One thing to note is that you should only spit this mixture into a trash can so you don’t clog your sink or toilet’s pipes. You now have a sparkly clean mouth free from gross bacteria!

Oil Pulling Benefits

You may be asking yourself why the hell would you pull oil instead of just using regular mouthwash at this point and that’s a very good question. For starters, oil pulling does all the good stuff that mouthwash does, but it takes it even further. With oil pulling, you get strengthened teeth, gums and jaw, whiter teeth, disease prevention of the gums and mouth (cavities & gingivitis), bad breath prevention, holistic remedy for bleeding gums, and holistic treatment for TMJ and generally sore jaws.

In addition to all of those benefits, you can also reduce symptoms in many other diseases with oil pulling which go even further than the mouth. According to oil pulling experts, you may be able to reduce symptoms associated with migraines, hormonal imbalances, arthritis inflammation, eczema, bronchitis, poor kidney Functioning, sinus congestion, poor vision, insomnia, hangovers, overall Pain and allergies.

I don’t know about your mouthwash, but most on the market can’t do all that. However, this one may take some time to get used to and I’m pretty sure people will think you are crazy in the beginning, but you can’t argue all of those health benefits, especially when all you have to do is the same thing you’re already doing, just with a different liquid.